the reader

  • by naava
  • posted Aug 27, 2006

The reader: voracious and silent.

Watch this

Like the illustration, but with the angle it does not exactly look like she is reading.


The arm in front is way out of proportion when looking at the arm behind...

I love the idea, just needs some tweaking.


The idea is good, but the arms are very awkward, they seem way too long for her body




this is not very well drawn...


Thanks for all your comments! So interesting.
I'm happy to be sharing this with you.

If you're curious, I will note that the elongation of form was intentional (arms, hair, perspective) - and was meant to set a bleaker, slightly awkward tone. It's not so much a literal drawing, as it is an emotional one.


Love it, love it! The style is beautiful, and the more abstract elements feel evocative-- of course it's a little skewed! She's deeply ensconced in a different reality!


I understand that you intended to elongate her form, but that doesn't mean it looks good, sorry. :( The arms are just too long for the rest of the picture.


it's cool but it looks like she's bored with the book, not reading it


i like it, and i can tell shes reading the book, though i feel like if you sized down the desgin a little it might work better, still -- 4$, though if you re-sub it a little bit smaller so its not so overwhelming. I don't know, I'd have to see it. I'm not sure, theres just something about the size of it that throws me a little.


Funny, I never thought she was reading the book literally, but rather thinking about what she just read. I like the longer arms and hair but that's just me. Yes it's awkward, but so is the girl in the drawing, and I think it adds to it.


does anyone know how i can post an example of this in smaller format? I think "amandaking" had a point about it being smaller on the tshirt, not as overwhelming. That might help.

How can I do that?

Annie the Pug

Instant 5$!!!!! I don't care if it's a little skewed; actually, that earns you extra points in this case, as far as I'm concerned! the colors...I want this!! Hope it gets printed :) ....


I like the long arms. This person loks like the gangly ackward teen hiding in books so many of us were


thanks annie!
sirseez - yes, that's what i was going for.


i like how she is long and gangly


I don't think this would work well on a t-shirt. I appreciate the style of the drawing, this kind of thing looks beautiful in traditional art, and it's really very nice, but on a shirt I think it would look more awkward than anything.


I'm sorry, but I can't see anything in this either artisically or in any way memorable!

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