Wee hee!

  • by caanan
  • posted Aug 24, 2006

While I can kinda do both, I consider myself an illustrator more than a designer.

Watch this

i don't like the eyes on the girl, i think they don't need to be there


Mine brane duz that cuz skool iz boreing. Fyve dallarz!


I agree the yellow on slate looks much better


I like it on the orange.


Yeah, I ummed and ahhed about the eyes, but in the end decided they NEED to be there. It balances the use of black a little. Without them, it looked more like two separate elements rather than a complete design.

Gary Lau

Scored ya! ;) I too like the yellow on dakota slate version more.


I think this is a really promising design. Yellow on brown is best for me. I love brown shirts...


er... I meant slate. yes. slate. Slate shirts are good too.


Mmmm chocolate on orrange poppy! sounds like a nice muffin... im hungry now


Awesome. I'd like to see a fatter girl for some reason though. the thinness and pigtails make it seem as she just a ditz.

M. Rogers

i like the yellow on slate better of the two.


thats so true.


man I'm feeling like that guy right now....
................oh, sorry. Well done good Tee.

tha buzzer

ahahaha that's cool!!!
Girl's expression is really funny!!!


ha funny but i dont like the colors


make the yellow less pale and $5


Loose the eyes and i'd buy it! $5


the orange one works really well


Thanks for all the comments and votes people. This has been a fun first experience! But I still stand by my inclusion of the eyes. It adds humour. And my favourite is the choc on orange, because yes, it just reminds me of food. The yellow is 60% Yellow. Any more or less just looked odd. I promise you all - my designs (if I get any more accepted) may look simple, but a lot goes into them. Anyway, if the colour's the only problem, I'm doing well, it means you all like the idea at least. Well... most of you. :oD


its a shame this didn't get printed i would have bought it

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