Do Over

Turn off the tube. Study hard. Eat a cookie.

Watch this

make the robotopus look more
like a sketch on a test

sonmi profile pic Alumni



hehe this one makes me giggle!

Kramer and Sprenger

I love this. I love you because you said "Eat a cookie." 5$

root beer

If I didn't already know that "testis" (or more commonly, "testicle") was the singular for "testes," I'd be wondering now.


despite not forming a real word, that e is positioned dangerously close to the word "test". i would NOT wear a shirt that said "TESTE". :\


lol, weet_woggie you took the words right outta my head

M. Rogers

the red pen marginalia is the best part. the robot is also of value.


I agree with the whole 'teste' thing. Not exactly something I'd wear on my chest (...because that's just weird) and I agree that the robot should be 'sketchier'. Asides from that, it's a $5.


I like the presentation of it.

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