Boot Dubya

haha. made me laugh but don't think I'd wear it.

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no more political!

miss mraz

ha, there goes the first letter of my last name.


I love this! Witty!




5$ Totally buy this one...GW's got to go!


ThomJohn on Aug 21 '06

Thank you thomjohn. I don't fall for the democratasauris bullshitimosias. Democrats should respect us for who we fuckin' are! I get so pissed at all this stuff about GWB. Why don't the demacrats go dig up the shit in their closets. I sure they'd find enough shit to make a 68 foot shit bastard. I can fuckin think wat I want you can to so just shut up about all this political crap and move on you bitches!


1,2,3,4,5,6,7. That above proves I am not a Family Guy


very nice! i like it a lot!


I like this design, it's clever.
Anyone that would get all twisted up over this needs to RE-LAX. If you were confident in your beliefs, political or otherwise, you wouldn't jump down someone's throat if they differed from you.


hehe, good one, steve00273. I'll have to remember that.




awesome and boomerrang is stupid go join the army or something 5 just cuz the concept is great


too hard to figure out, and when you do you say:
"heh," (but not really)

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

Hey Boomer, why don't you go help Dubya with his math homework and stop insulting Democrats on a T-shirt design website, because it's not helping your political party one bit.

About the shirt, I think it's humorous but it's questionable whether it's a strong enough design for a t-shirt. Maybe a really big bumper sticker? It made me laugh but I probably wouldn't wear it.


i totally agree with the above statement



W is my favorite letter


great idea but not for a shirt. if this doesnt get printed would you mind if i made myself a bumber sticker like this? id be the only one who used it.

two more years and we are free.


it would be better if it was just a boot and a w side by side. no one is going to get it.


boomer just gave me a great next sub will include shit monsters....boomer, democrats do respect you for what you are... a d-bag.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Why if you want George W. Bush ejected with a catapult from the White House and this entire country for that matter....does it make you a Democrat? I'm soooooooo tired of the two party popularity contest in this about thinking outside two parties who don't give a shit about anyone's freedom but jockeying for more power in our busted "republic" (as Constitution scholars explained to us as we had to stomach why the guy with less votes won)? Being an Independent means you can delve into the good points of BOTH sides and fill in the blanks left with better, more progressive ideas (so, like, 95 percent of what the parties don't answer). Not being of the evil party (Republicans) or lesser evil party (Democrats), I can unbiasedly say this shirt's messege is cloudy to judge right off the bat, it is sloppily designed around its letter theme, and should at least have the colors of the letters be blue and/or blue and green (for the most notable third party) or a variety of colors, with the "w" being the only red one of the bunch. As far as politics go, a smart political t-shirt is invaluable in my wardrobe. Keep submitting them!
Gets off soapbox


it's really clever, but i'm not big into wearing political shirts. it's pretty sweet though.


wow, that's a knee-slapper

rocketrobyn profile pic Alumni

It's clever, but without the explanation it doesn't really make sense.


Why don't you boot "q"? Nobody uses that letter and it's no fun in scrabble... "w" is worth like 8 points right?


I really can't believe there are people in here who don't get it... what's the IQ around here? Sad.


It's not really all that clever.
And no, I don't support Bush.


Easy and retarded. Make your own political opinions, and express them in a CREATIVE way.

"lol i kicked W out of the alphabet like George W Bush lol get it?"


Accidental Amusement aka Carrie is a 14.43 year old girl.

I don't listen to lesbo democrats named "Carrie" and are 14.

boomer just gave me a great next sub will include shit monsters....boomer, democrats do respect you for what you are... a d-bag.

LOL. That shows what fuckface McDonald's Democraps are. So I'll humour you. SHUT UP YOU DAMN SHITBAGS.

got borked

Fwuzzle's comment is on point. I roll my eyes at you.


This shirt is great! I think its cute, simple and to the point. Regardless of your political stance, the man is a horrible representative of us as a people. Get him out of there or we may not make it to '08.

I want one for sure.

Mr Matty

These comments remind me of the Simpsons episode where the kids at school see the Mad magazine T-Shirt slogans and go improbably nuts. I mean- what do you really think a T-Shirt can achieve politically? This is direct and it's fun, much less "huh?" and attention-demanding than a lot of the obscure and crowded designs submitted here, and plays really nicely on the fact that the (supposedly) most powerful man in the world is referred to by a single letter- weird and interesting in itself, no?


hey guys, uh... you know that 2/3 of america disapproves of bush, right? democrats and republicans alike? .... yeahhhh...


Wow its hot in here........ I'm from the UK so this aint my argument....... although I quite like the design and I think it works in making its point I dont think it's what I'm looking for in a threadless tee sorry ^ ; ^


Today, i've got alot to say....

i agree with penkwinn. this shirt is pro democrat or pro republican, its just anti-Bush. And its not just the US that disapproves of him.

Someone said something about colors, but green isn't a color on the US flag, even if it is a party color. I don't feel that steeve used red white and blue because of mainstream parties, but because the colors are identifiable w/ america (if with multiple other national flags).

Jeez, Boomerang, calm down. just because your 4 years older than 'accidental amusement' doesn't mean you should be so rude.

Anyways... funny idea, but (as a couple people have said) better for a bumpersticker(if an untraditionally shaped one).


this is just dumb.

threadless shirts are supposed to be CREATIVE....

Lead Ninja

Those crazy romans and their crazy alphabet.

amelia knoxville

i dont get it. is this because im not american and im young?
someone explain to me.


i like how ur creating shirts saying that W has to go, when hes already won the second election. he cant win another, and he isnt gona get recalled.


Clever and smart design; for those of us who don't need to be hit over the head to appreciate the sentiment.


I think it rocked !!!!!!! the guy who created this is definately gifted!!!!!!! You who don't like it are too dumb to understand it


eh. cute, but not revolutionary. if i saw a home-printed version i'd chuckle and nod, but i wouldn't be keen to see it printed at threadless.

the rabid politicos and anti-politocos need to calm the eff down. if you're not into politics on t-shirts or the particular message, it should be pretty simple to express that without going aggro.

not a single "this design is by me" comment on here ... hmm.


can't wait till 2008. and that's all I have to say about this.

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