Wipeout -82

the newer version of my go at 80:s design. i think a natural tee will give it that proper 80:s feeling =) ps. i spent +8 hours on this design so remember to be nice =)

Watch this


Might be a little too TRON-ish to make it past the copyrights. Maybe.



Kramer and Sprenger

This looks like something I have been working on. Great design. Needs more color, maybe in the "WIPE OUT" lettering. just as colored outlines, perhaps? 4$

classicoke profile pic Alumni

this was drawn by hand and violates no copyright laws. the lightcycle arent exact copies, niether is the font. all is fine =)

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needs more color? ive only got 4 to work with lol and outlining/filling the text in blue or red looks crap, tried it. it steals away from the art.


true to the era. woudl liek to see the jetwalls trail off in a better way up in the left corner.

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at first i did the jet walls in 3dsmax to get the exak angel but it didnt work so i went for an 80s style solution.


I love TRON! Hmmm, did you try the basic cyan and magenta instead of pastels. Imagining this on a dark shirt (black or dark blue), with the outline in white or gray...


tron + wipeout = RAD!


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yea i thought about making the design look more like the movie but that just wouldnt satisfy me artisticly, i wanted to create something that you havent seen before... kinda

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... im always looking for this kind of reaction,

"thats a cool design... wait a minute, isnt that a... from tron...man that is so cool and so true, without lightcycles there would be no wipeout games!"

basicly designs shouldnt be to obvious, else you will get bored of it quickly.

well, any other thoughts on this one people?


I'd like this on a different shirt color

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ye it works best on a grey/royal tee with no tranparency but that doesnt communicate well over the screen so i chose natural. sucks to be me =)

Annie the Pug

um 8 hours isn't that long to work on a design. anyway not bad


If you start doing a series of these Tron-inspired shirts I will buy every design that's printed!


Nicely done. I wonder about the copyright issues, though.


Perfect just the way it is, and I would buy it instantly. And it definitely needs to be on that natural T to complete the retro look. Great work! 5$

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what copyright issues? the grid? the wipeout? the vehicles that resembles lightcycles? everything, save the fonts (that only were retraced by hand then live traced), was done from scratch.

anyways, im glad some of you like it =)

and i was actually thinking about making another tron inspired shirt but then i thought it was so obvious an idea that it hade to have been done already (tron hockey championship)


this rocks love the 80's feel $5


Love Tron ! we need an MCP design


Nice work. I like this a lot.


I prefer the F-Zero series, but I dig the shirt. 5$

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well im an wipeout man, as you can tell =) actually thought about f-zero but wipeout seemed easier to do; tron is retro, wipeout is ultra future. also, the first wipeout game was called 2097 (and has the best soundtrack yet)


I would actually buy that sheet. $5, 000.


actually the second wipeout game was called 2097, the first was just wipeout. they both had pretty good soundtracks though. i have to say i'm one of the people bucking for a different shirt colour, my white shirts only see sunlight on laundry day.


graphique, beau !!

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