Smoking Gun

Here\\'s a 4 color illustration of a smoking gun... literally. To the lower left is an ashtray w. bullets. Bullets kill, and Cigarettes kill... but don\\'t tell that to the gun, which is only trying to do it\\'s job and take advantage of it\\'s daily smoke break. Just a 9-5er like the rest of us... hi-res at

Watch this

i love it, not sure if would wear it, but its really nice design, love the smoke and shading 5$

root beer

What's with all the "smoking kills" shirts? I mean, sure, smoking kills. I don't like smoking. So why would I wear a T-shirt that had cigarettes on it?

Who would wear this?


The term "smoking gun" is a reference to an object or fact that serves as conclusive evidence or proof of a crime or similar act. Its name comes from the idea of finding a smoking (i.e. very recently fired) gun on the person of a suspect wanted for shooting someone, which in that situation would be nearly unshakable proof of having committed the crime. There's another way to look at it...


Great design you can take this shirt meaning in many different ways $5 I would wear this!


fantastic design, esp the shading and smoke. but i wouldnt wear it.


Awesome design, with a good message! $5

root beer

Fair enough. In that case, your shirt is better than the other smoking shirts, but I still wouldn't wear it. I think most people would interpret as an anti-smoking message, rather than a visual pun. : )

It's a very nice illustration, though.


Thanks. Here's a side thought: why won't people interpret it as an anti-gun message? I guess all that television is numbing us to the violence aspect. There's no subliminals here, that's a gun, those are bullets in the ashtray, but throw a cigarette in the barrel, and the GUN is the victim. If it was a smoking puppy, I can understand, but this is a chromed out copkilla puff'n butts. In my screwed up logic, they cancel each other out...

Ponder that...


I am a smoker, thought this shirt was funny. I would wear it !


wow, great illustration


I recognized it right away as being a smoking gun. It's a fairly intellignt message. I'd buy it.


i like the idea and the concept......the design looks good , would wear it.


^ me 2!
nice design man 5$


nice smoke.. just take out the ashtray

Copper Cable

Most excellent design. Well drawn. Fantastics shirt with a very clever message.


it's been a while since i gave something a 5

i love it.


i am getting my self one of these $5


Yes this rocks muchly. word up for cigarettes.


very very nice keri i really like it, you did a great design


great design.. I'm just not sure how well the smoke will show up on a Tshirt...


I really like the design. A great shirt, in my opinion gets people thinking, and I think that this design does just that.


Haha, nice. Also, I must compliment you're exploration of the 4-color limit, this is a really nice illustration.


Name's Matt, but thanks for the compliments ;-)


funny pun. 5, but no buy. violates every aspect of the dress code, exept no writing on your butt.

Tonic Cat

I really like this, and would totally wear it. $5


VERY nice. Impressive design. I love it!


thanks a lot!


It's very, very good. I was thinking that there might be less flack about the 'message' if the gun was more personified/cartoonish.


Cheers for the inspiration dude!! ;) Great concept!

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