naked guitar

  • by imhiptoo
  • posted Aug 15, 2006

why does she have 2 different shoes? just curious.

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Rebecca Jane

Your design is interesting, but I don't think I'd ever wear it on a shirt. :/


not so sure about the trainer but i really like this design - i'd def buy it in the baby blue! i dont think it works on the pale pink shirt colour though - she just sorta merges into the background


ya whats with the shoe


you do know that the guitar is technically being played the wrong way? unless you're hendrix, that is. and i don't really get why the two shoes. i like the style, and you know how to draw, thats obvious, but i wouldn't wear it.


they do make guitars both ways...


I wouldn't be terribly surprised if she plays both ways, if you know what i mean... personally, i'm not moved by the design. whatever the shoes are meant to convey, it doesn't seem like they do. technically it's fine.


she obviously doesn't know how to get dressed... thats why she has different shoes. I mean, who forgets to put on pants in the morning?


So are her nipples staring at me instead of her eyes?


this would have worked better if the person was male...and what IS with the shoe?


i think if you're gonna cover up her nipple with circles that small, you might as well just not cover them


I get it! It's a "What's wrong with this picture?" shirt.


I think that having some kind of musical note over the nipple will make people want this. Nice design though.


Gratuitous use of nips. Not for me.


I would like it better if her shoes were the same and she didn't have those freaky nipples.


Yah, a lefty, I'm a lefty too...loose the white nipples and I'd buy, missmatched shoes and all


so why is she wearing 2 styles of shoes? and playing the guitar wrong...flip it and make the shoes match and were good to go.


the guitar isn't being played upside down. she's left handed. or plays left handed at least. the headstock does look a little weird though.

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