All Your Bass Are Belong To Us

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It always adds slashes.

crisco disco

the title is funny. i wouldn't wear the shirt though...even though i do play bass.


A bit too subtle - but I like it. Would buy/wear with a change to make it pop a bit more.


obviously thought of the title before the concept/design but it looks good.


ahh i had completely forgot about this, thanks for the laugh


Too subtle. I didn't get it from looking at the image.


All Your Bass Are Belong To Us
Doesn't that sound familiar?


Yeah, it's too subtle. I'd never get the title by looking at the design.


Hahahah great.. didn't understand it w/o the title tho


LOL! That's pretty funny, though I'd probably put the title on it or something. $5!

Kramer and Sprenger

what an obscure reference! funny, yeah, but you probably should put the title in the design.

Mikey Cyborg

haha sweet.
But put the title on the shirt or else it won't make much sense.


i would love it without the tiger skin design guitar..maybe replace it with a baby blue or pink one

Rebecca Jane

Sorry, ariel_gal, but with the four-color limitation that's not really an option. I based all of these off pictures of real guitars, so maybe I can find one that people would like better.
Thanks for the comments, guys. Mostly we're opposed to text on a shirt. But are we thinking this should be an exception?


Second from right is a guitar, not a bass! But otherwise 4. =)

Rebecca Jane

Actually, Bethrealistic, it's a 12-string bass. I wanted to give some variety. But thanks!


This is one that I would enjoy explaining to people, as most people wouldn't just get it. I hope it goes to print. $5.

Maxwell Edison

Yeah it would be amazing with the title on it.


to make it less subtle without putting the title on it, you could make the "sold" tags say "SOLD to us" or something.


to agree with everyone, i like the joke/design. Needs title to make it remotely understandable, and even then I would have too much explaining to do. But good job anyway.


Like the 12 string bass. So Cheap Trick. First bass on the left does not have the strings going up to the tuning pegs like the others do?

I would be more likely to buy this with the title on the shirt. Without it, it's hard to figure out.

Rebecca Jane

SenorRoboto: yes, Tom Petersson
chrisko18: yeah, it does. I apparently had the layers arranged incorrectly. Thanks for pointing it out!


oh HELL YEAH. please print! 5$
(bassist love... anyone... ?)


12-String isn't a bass.


hahahahaa i like it. but i wouldn't have understood it without the title

but you get a 5 for making me laugh :D


geez, i dont get it... even with the title.
is something wrong with me??

Spaceman Spiff

hehehe, very clever idea but i dunno how many people would get it without an explanation... eh, $5 for you


Nice, but maybe you should add text on the back (the same font used in the game) saying "All your bass are belong to us"

Rogan Josh

"all your bass are belong to us" written across the back shoulders would tie it together nicely. Or maybe on the front in a faint color that wouldn't distract from the guitars. Otherwise, the joke is pretty much lost. Funny idea though!

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