Being a native Chicagolander transplanted to the Bay Area, I miss the fall.

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Rebecca Jane

I love that the leaf wants wings, but I thought it was a star at first. Maybe if the little man was a little more formed and the word balloons were a little bigger.
I love love the concept, though. I'll give it a four for now.


I like it a lot!


nice concept.


like concept... but the graphic I feel is asking for a bit more!


i guess the graphic is brilliant.
i don't really like the leaf's wing balloon, but that's just, because i didn't get it at first..
still great!


If the leaf didn't have a thought bubble this would be amazig. The bubble just ruins it for me though.


I like the idea of the poor lil leaf wanting to fly away up into the sky and not fall like the rest of the leaves, and I think I'd get that sans the 'RIP' bubble. The leaf's bubble is what conveys that idea, it just needs to be a bit clearer me thinks.


I really wish the pile of leaves at the base of the tree was more clearly made up of leaves - as it is I thought the guy was mourning someone he'd burried there.

I'm a fan of the shirt otherwise


I agree with both lingering and Biggie. I don't understand or like the dichotomy between "RIP" and the wings-- they don't quite make the connection. The leaf pile needs to be more defined. But I like the design, and I love your style.


I'm from Chicago..and went to the Bay area this summer for the first time. It's always cold, and not having seasons is pretty depressing. Especially fall.
Fix the leaves...5.


I will never think of Fall in the same way. But I like this a lot. lots


i love it. the way it is. you guys are just cranky.


I love it. The placement is lovely too.


OMg i love this. maybe not on green. but yay


hey, we still have fall in the bay area. besides, we've got better... bears, and surfing. i like your shirt.


oh, and hippies. we've got better hippies, climbing, and we're closer to the ocean. I like the bay area.


How come you get hippies? I've been here all my life and not once has anyone given me a hippie.

I'd lose the RIP callout bubble and it would be a $5

Mr. Pistachio Nut

i love it but i think it woould be better if all the leaves were fallen or make the last leaf a little more purposeful...$5


i'm from the midwest transplanted to the bay area missing fall too!! i can relate with this...$5


Do you need the guy and his RIP thought? Without them the design is focused more on the leaf that wants to fly, which is a real nice simple concept. You could give the leaf pile more definition and scatter the leaves more around the tree's base so it wasn't such a perfect mound and looked a little rougher. I like the orange, but perhaps a background colour of grey-blue would suit the melancholy of it better?


Chi-town, represent. ;o

I like the simplicity. =)


I really like it. I'd get it if it was printed on a different colour like more of a darker greens or something. The leaf pile should defiantley be more defined where you can see the layers of leaves.


Aww. I like green and I like simple, so $5.

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