The Swans are Ghosts on the Jet Black Water

  • by iotadial
  • posted Aug 09, 2006

Hey little baby

I\'ll hold you close

We\'ll glide like ghosts

On the starry water

Watch this

yay for celtic knots and swans!
I like it.


I like it but what to the celtic knot and the japanese have to do with eachother?


I like it but I agree that the celtic bit and the japanese don't mesh that well. I'd take out the celtic knot...or change it to something else.


i can see this as a cd cover!


Man, I really had to bump up the brightness to see the stuff in front of and behind the white celtic knot. If that's supposed to be the jet black water, I think you should rework it or consider leaving it out.

Blue Aya

I see spirograph designs, not celtic knots.


I like the idea, but pick a less circular celtic knot.
stick to one culture dude.


cool dude you dunno what your talking about!

MeLa de Gypsie

hmm... interesting... though I used to work for a t-shirt company that also does very similar themed stuff...

the circular pattern in the middle actually reminds me of the symbols for community centres here...

What are the words there? I can't make out the characters..

if you want to look for oriental-themed inspiration... go to

although they hardly update...


can we get rid of the japanese? if so, $5!


oriental xi is pretty cool, i should probably design for them : )

oh and sorry for earlier i am an angry drunk.


what do the characters say?


this is pretty bad ass. $5


grumbling about Anime kids

I like it though. Celts and Swans are very complimenting to one another.

Lose the random Japanese, and I'll buy.


i'd like it with just the swans like things... lose everything else.. maybe keep the japanese..


They look more like cranes than swans...


The Japanese looks out of place... 3


This is beautiful. I would like to see you do another swans work, but asymmetric, and covering a larger area.


the japanese characters really turn me off this design, although the rest of it is quite beautiful.


im scottish and that is NOT A CELTIC KNOT


miumiudarling is correct, it is a Japanese design.

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