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terrible, how could u give this a 5? its blood. you guys would really wear this? my god.


ha, I love it.


and yes andrew, we'd really wear it.


i'd so wear this, even if i have the tendency to hate vampires.



I have a feeling this would scare a lot of people at first glance but kudos for the creativity.


I love the idea, and the simplicity of it. I'm sick of overpowering designs that look dumb.
The one thing I don't like is the pink... But other than that, this is lovely.


intersting. no way i'd buy it though. plus, i'm not sure people would get it... they'd be like, 'hey you might want a bandaid' and i'd hafta explain the shirt to everyone. not fun.


throw in a black cape string or something...


Yeah, I'm not sure that it's as clear what's going on without the title.


love the idea!!!

not on pink and add something else and uve got a winner!


Brialliant. You don't need to explain and it fits perfectly with the theme!!!!!


It's a neat idea, but if those are holes at the top of the blood lines it's a little low for a vampire bite...they'd get a bite full of bone. At first glance I'd thought someone spilled strawberry jam on their shirt :)


Good idea, but like somone else said, not on pink. It's pretty good, but a bit plain. Throw in something else? :c]

Quag profile pic Alumni

What vampire bites on the collar bone?


So dumb. What does that have to do with the contest, anyway?


Nice idea, wouldn't work on a shirt.


where are the zombies, aliens, and dinosaurs?


I think it's soooooo cute, but not on pink! Black or white would be better.


Well the contest does say anything to do with the theme. Even if there were only one among the 4 mentioned creatures, I would think that's considered related? I don't think you really need to cram all 4 creatures in the tee. Anyway, if it's approved for posting I guess it qualifies.


Way too small of a design for the price. Why not just buy a cotton tee at k-mart and bleed on it yourself?


I agree with the idea that not many people would get it without the title. Any shirt that you have to explain is more annoying than fun to wear. Besides, fake blood is fun, real blood is not!

Heavy Eyeliner

Okay... People Are Mean.. I Personally Love It.. As I Love Vampires. $$$$$$$$$555555555


I agree with the not on pink comments, but other than that I think it's great.

It's something new and creative and doesn't try to jam as many lines and colors in as possible, nor does it have any of the cliche elements. Good job. 5

CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

I'd have to agree with andrewtrno on this one. I don't like blood on my t-shirts.


black is the color


it's perfect, just not on pink


so plain, so simple, so bloody awesome!

Benny Blanco

It's on pink as it's the closest to skin tone. I wanted to do something that was original and I thought a vampire bite would be cool. Thanks to all for the good comments, and to all those who have put bad comments, get your garlic ready!!!!

Benny Blanco

Also, how could I place the bite any higher!!? It'd have to be a polo neck T-shirt for it to be higher up!


wow what a literal world we live in ! do you think it would be possible to but the bite mark on the neck . . . em no unless threadless bring out a range of turtle neck t's as for it's simplicity, what else would you need >? it's a vampire bite sure he's not going to leave his name and number ! i think this is a great twist on the comp where its not everything crammed on one shirt ! i think some people would be discouraged by comments left on this site . . . think more people need to appreciate the work which goes into each design and especially those people who have not submitted designs themselves ! that to me is just rude, why criticise something you wont or cant do just because it's not your style ! $5 id wear it


This is awesome!
I would totally buy it but I am not a fan of this shirt color.
A few other shirt color options would be nice but still $5 .

Someone said it is a simple design for the amount of money. I do agree with that a bit but it is still an amsing design. Maybe some art work on the back of the shirt. But still very creative!


I love it and would buy it only if it was on another color. It should be a dark color, but light enough to see the blood.


ya know this would be awesome on a turtle neck shirt....


Very clever, but I dunno if I would actually wear it. I like the pink though. :-)


no offense, but how did this even make it to voting?

Benny Blanco

Too be honest, I'm not particularly bothered by bad comments, I've been in the design industry too long to get precious about my work. What I do think is though, that people who leave any comment should back it up with reasons, hence the term "CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM". Especially people who haven't submitted any designs themselves or taken time to use their minds!!


different color. black for a darker mood. some sort of vibrant green perhaps. not blue. not pink. not yellow.

Benny Blanco

I'm currently waiting for "Bitten Again" to be approved, which is the same design on two different colours!

Benny Blanco

Sorry, the colour variations weren't approved as it was classed as re-submission!


Funny idea! I have a thing for vampirical-related stuff. It could work on other colors, yes, although I don't think I'd choose pink just because it's "closest to skin tone", since some of us, well, wouldn't fit that . . . but that's just being all p.c., which isn't really the point here. Anyway, I like your design, hehe.


love the pink, love the simplicity..

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