Music Completes Me

  • by Auro
  • posted Aug 05, 2006

Music Completes me.

Color Options in pro.

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Those are some big-ass headphones!


lol, i agree with lovelover, the headphones are a tad too big but i love the concept!!


haha.....lovelover, i thought the same thing....nice


beautiful illustration


As already stated, I love the alternate :) This is a please print from me


Nice use of the limited palette. Girl needs a better expression. 4 and a cookie

Heavy Eyeliner

I Adore This..... Huge Headphones And All... Music Completes Me Too... =] $5


I say get rid of the music notes and go with the alternate as they make it look too corny.... we all know shes got music on so theres no need to emphasise with a few crotchets..... 5$ BUY (if you drop the notes)


This is absolutely excellent. I even dig the oversized headphones. I would definitely say the alternate version without the notes seems the better way to go. It allows the viewer to really see that the cord makes the shoulders and neckline. Oh, and the expression on the girl is perfect for me, kinda "I'm listening to cool music and you're not" type of feel. And although I understand the push for moving designs to different areas of the t-shirt, this seems like a good one to keep right there in the center. It looks great on Natural, but for some reason I'm wondering about Baby Blue... Regardless, I wish I could rock this tonight! $5+++

jwalsh profile pic Alumni

Great work, The illustation is very nice. The part I liked the least is the music notes on the chest but that's just me. I scored 4$, which is high for me- I rarely give out $'s :)

DrawingEvils profile pic Alumni

I like the big phoned style! 4


loving the big headphones.. loving the music.


cool- I like the alternate version without the stuff


nice illustration and colors :)


cool :) Can't live WITHOUT music :P

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni

good illustration, the colour management is especially impressive.
But, (and this is a big but) the whole beautiful girl with headphones motive is getting really tired by now, it kind of belongs back in 2002


Holy sh*t awesom !!! 5$


Cool!! For some reason, I kind of like the notes. It adds a little something to the illustration.


-Great use of colour!
-The music notes and bars are over the top. I prefer the alternate design.
-Centered print would be preferable since the image is pretty symmetrical.


Who doesn't love ├╝berphones? Really nice design too. 5 from me! ^^


That so looks like my daughter! $5


I love it on blue and chocolate with the notes! $5


the headphones are fine. headphones that big actually exist, i dunno why they'd be too big.
this illustration is perfect. i dunno what you did different, but it looks so much better than most portraits i see.


Those headphones are fantastic. I'd wear 'em.

I say go with the alternate, and a slightly lower midchest placing.

Jason MCG

Nice. Like'n the alternate one better though. 5!


I love the design. I'm especially liking it in the deep blue. It's beautiful. I think I prefer the original with the notes, although the alternate is nice as well.


Oversize headphones rule. And so does this design. $5!


w/o notes


I agree about the notes being cheesy... but I don't like the
negative space on the alternative either... it's awkward.
The face illustration is so strong, the idea just gets lost in
the cord.


great art! yay

thINK profile pic Alumni

Hey, nice one! I like the version without the note better.


lurvin it

she sorta looks like me only with fairer hair

and my headphones arent that


not bad i really like it!!!!!!!!!Nice face!!!!


Both designs are totally awesome! $5

finkenstein profile pic Alumni

What they hell is wrong with these people complaining about the big headphones? What are you 5? You've never seen that kind of headphone before?
anyway, it's a nice design.


i love love love the big headphones. i don't know how much this had been said or if it has, but for some reason both versions seem off with the bust. the notes are too busy but without them it seems empty. maybe try connecting the neck and head and just have the cord wrap around the shape? idk. it is nice, and i would def. buy this.


fake music notes bother me a great deal. Go with the alt.


Great design, I want one.
No music notes, please.
Also, consider that older headphones such as those would have a much larger jack at the end of the cord.


also, dead center on the chest seems to be a better graphic placement, to me.


Thanks everyone for your comments everyone :D
For those of you not enjoying the design with the notes or the alternate design because it is too empty: Having just the stripes without the notes is another possibility.

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