i am a bird now

I realized the parallel between Antony and the Johnsons after I made it, hence the title. Please take the time to view the big pic in my profile, leave a comment, and vote. Even if your house is on fire. You can save your family or your humorous clippings of CATHY and The Family Circus later. Thank you.

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decent idea, but i don't want to wear children's book illustrations.


I love it. :)


i like the bird on the far left!


Hm. I would give it a $5 if it were just the branch. Otherwise, 1.


Just the branch? How would that be a good shirt? $5


"also, please stop dipping things in mayonnaise"

even if i hated the shirt, i would give you a five just for that!


fantastic work, i really like this. i like the entire tree & all. 5$


haha, that is so cute. great idea and illustration!! $5


Damn, I'm working on a sub with the same concept as this design. Anyway, great illustration. I just think the tree is a little overwhelming.


I really like the concept. I love the texture on the tree, the kid and how he is holding some feathers in his hand. The branches need to be worked a bit more though. Maybe more small twigs coming off of the big branch and off of the top two branches and a bigger branch on the right.
Besides that, well done. I like it heaps! $4


This reminds of a Calvin and Hobbes strip. Well done.

Flying Junebug

Wonderful, especially for the little miss sunshine theme.

I like the size/placement of the tree.



I.... don't get the connection w/ "Little Miss Sunshine".... (yeah, I saw the movie.)
BUT, I really like the design!



zingaro, the connection is twith the theme provided, which is 'everyone pretend to be normal'.


I was thinking it would look better with just the branch too...




I've seen this illo, I'm sure of it...it was in the Communication Arts annual from maybe 2004 or 2005...I'll scan it when I get home and post it to the blog for comparison.


Ah, I remember...JOE SORREN!!!!:


I suppose it's possible that you came up with the idea independently, or maybe saw this and maybe it stuck in your subconscious somewhere, but the similarities in pose and the tone of the piece are really striking.

Have you seen this piece before?


LOVE Antony! Nice!


and amen on the mayo comment!
I think we may be the same person.


this is nice, and i like the Antony reference

Mazy Mallone

Ha! That's funny, I love his hair legs ... it just cracked me up!

I want it


ee! i'd wear this, definitely.
strangely, though i hardly ever wear it, i think it looks best on pink.



Ha ha, ew, mayo is nothing but fatty egg product.


I don't think that the image works as well with just a branch. I think that the kid and the birds have to be way smaller than the tree to make it more subtle, to give more of an impression that the kid is just trying to fit in his surroundings. As opposed to, say, WHAM! LOOKIT ME I'M DRESSED LIKE A BIRDY! But, you know, I made a design with a cockroach, what do I know.

ploppyseed: I haven't seen that image before, but I have to say, it looks a lot cooler than mine. Really, the idea of wanting to fly or of wanting to be with the birds is not an original thought of mine, just a consistent one, and I thought that it fit for the contest.

Also--I agree that, oddly enough, it looks best on pink.

Thanks for the comments everyone.


I /love/ it.
I'd put a $1234567890, but I can't.
honestly though,
if this doesn't get printed,
and you can make shirts,
I'll buy one from you.


This is great!


My definite favorite so far for the contest.

If you don't win, I will be angry.


I really like it, and agree with Fwuzzle, best one in the contest. I love that the tree is nice and big and uses the space on the shirt nicely... I'd totally buy... great job!

crisco disco

make a shirt about the mayonnaise dipping.


i've always wanted to do that :]

the placement is perfect and the design is perfectly lovely.

id definately wear it on green

Zena Cardman

I love how you did the bark pattern on the tree. Nifty!


Oh, that is a little strange, yet sweetly odd. I like it.


Slurmtastic, you'll have to forgive my skepticism. I understand that the thought of wanting to fly like a bird is a common one, it's just that for you to come up with such a similar take to Joe's painting seems unlikely to me. Perhaps I'm being unfair since he's one of my favorite artists, but to my eyes, the similarity of this design to "Feather Shirt" is at least as great as the similarity in "Predicament", which everyone jumped all over.

Would anyone else care to weigh in on this design?:

Joe Sorren's Feather Shirt and Branches

Slurmtastic, please don't take this as a personal attack, maybe I'm just a biased fanboy, so maybe someone else can compare these and judge?

I would just hate to see this printed (which could very well happen) and then have people come down on you afterwards.


$5, don't change it.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

i hate mayonaise.


i like it a lot... but it looks just like the picture ploppyseed posted. :(


Listen, I wholeheartedly support maintaining the artistic integrity on this site, and I'm glad that people like ploppyseed are looking out for it, but I think it's ridiculous to say that my submission looks "just like" Mr. Sorren's, or that I stole the idea from him. Check out my other design, "Nematode," and compare the drawing style. I think you will see the similarities in character design. Honestly, I like Mr. Sorren's painting better, what with the wiggly arms and gnarled branches, and the boy being covered in birds--I think his has a much more macabre or somber tone (which is cool), but I can assure you that I made my design independently of his.


I sometimes like dipping things in mayonnaise, but that's my little secret. It's a $5 shirt, well done!


hahahaha I love what you said about mayo. it's so true.

great shirt.

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