• by noshino
  • posted Aug 01, 2006

it's kinda hard to tell thats a knife... and that they're in shallow water, maybe if some extra detail lines were put in it would pull this piece together a lot more...

Watch this

Maybe blood around the wound, but that may be too many colors.


i think it would work with just the guy on the left, mr floaty.


Good. Very good. But I agree with all of the above.


Add some water ripples around certiain parts and maybe use some lighter colors so you can have some reflection. If this is reworked it would be a definite buy.


i think it's cool. but without the knife i would like it better.


i love how you can tell the dead guy's lying in the water. however, that's the only thing i like about it.


holy crap, i like this. i can see exactly where they are on the shore, but i agree with radiostarkiller.. lose the knife


at first, I had no idea what was going on here.


I love the design and the illusion of depth provided by the floating body. In my opinion, this is completely dependent on the t-shirt title and I doubt few people will understand this, if worn, without an explanation.


Yeah lose the knife. But the floating dude is awesome - well done


If you lose the knife then the concept is lost. But I didn't even see the knife until I read a few of the posts. Good idea, but the main idea (read "knife") is lost in the picture. Some red would draw the eye to the knife.

easy being green

I kind of like it that the knife isn't so obvious.

Zena Cardman

Weird, but I love it. Love how you've done the water without a pond-ripple-whatever. 5.


Make the knife more obvious and I'm sold! 5

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

I really like this cause it reminds me of that James Bond flick with the whole scuba underwater fight scene... Thunderball? can't remember. Be incredible if you matched up the wetsuits with the movies and had a spear from a spear gun in the dead dude. Agreed, a little ripple would add something.

Ace work, though.


Where the hell are their tanks and BCDs? The only problem with the knife that I see is that there is too much blue elsewhere to make it stand out, if you sacrificed making the other less important blue areas stand out for the sake of the knife handle, I think it would look great. Also, maybe it's just me, but the longer I look at this the more I crave at least some sort of shoreline. Maybe just a few lines or something. The floaty guy's legs are amazing!


Yea blood coming out of the wound and dripping would be sweet but other than that 4


leave it how it is and maybe some blood. SCUBA FIGHT IS ANOTHER POTENTIAL PUNK BAND.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Oh, dead man scuba is in water? I thought he was a legless amputee. Which was funny.


bit too unpolished for my tastes


spears, tanks, ripples, shorliens, all really good feedback. Thanks. Makes me want to rework it as a larger scene (based ont he movie), esp since the piled-up designs seem to be doing so well right now.

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