cocaine tree

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  • posted Jul 31, 2006

finally a first comment!

i like the design aesthetically, but i dont get it entirely.

Watch this

The evils of Coca Cola?!?


it's neat. i like the thick lines.


History: The "Coca" in "Coca Cola" meant "cocaine," since the original Coca Cola recipe called for said drug. Hence the shirt's concept.

That said, it's too LSD and not enough nose powder. 2/5: I like the concept, but want to see a better execution. Please let me know if you redesign/resubmit!


There's a crappy concept behind that crappy design that has to be explained, which makes it even crappier.


^most people know the history of coke...or at least most people i know. i don't think you would have to explain it too much.

overall i like the design, but i would do something to make it a little more...cocaine-y. the swirls ARE a little psychedelic and therefore bring to mind lsd. still a four for me.


Meh. Skulls and coke just don't jive.


^most people know the history of coke...or at least most people i know. i don't think you would have to explain it too much.

devers234: Since three comments before mine expressed confusion about the concept, perhaps it's not as well-known as we'd thought?


High fructose corn syrup is poison. And It's in all my fave colors. But I don't think I'd wear it.



if this doesn't win here because people are whiny jerks, you should send it to them and see if they can use it to possibly raise money for a great cause.


I love the design, and I will interpret it my own way. I don't like the color; I look ridiculous in red. I would buy it with some other snazzy color options.


Some of you little turds wouldn't know good design if it flirted with you on Myspace. This, young jedi, is perfect!

Mazy Mallone

Ahh ... cause Coke, used to have Coke in it.

Nice job ... I'd wear it ... I like it. $5


Ooh, interesting idea. The thick lines are pretty neat. It's kind of blinding if you stare at the shirt and the design, but I guess you have to put the red there because it wouldn't be Coke.


it looks like coke death!!


I like it, but I don't think it looks like a tree (if it's supposed to as your title suggests).


The shape of the Coke bottle is copyrighted though.


Well there you go! 5.

mezo profile pic Alumni

Nice work making it so trippy looking with minimal colors.


Salsa Shark

Smartbunny is right. I learned that the hard way.




I think that might be a just enough off from the coca cola bottle's shape- it dips in a bit more at the middle. That might be enough to be safe from the copyright vampires.


This is really niiii...zzzz...
I'm sorry, this is the massive amount of Diet Coke in Mary's system. We had to shut her down for the moment to express to you our utter distaste fir this design. horrible. Just horrible. That is all.


Isn't the "Dynamic Ribbon" a registered trademark? Might not trouble be got into by someone who uses it without the blessing of the high priests?

Otherwise I like the design.


This concept is old old old....Coke has been cocaine free since 1929!! What's next Prune Trees with Dr. Pepper bottles hanging off it? Sorry this design is not my fav.

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