• by lcruz526
  • posted Jul 29, 2006

No explanation required

Watch this

Arthur Collier claimed that the represented image of an external object is the only knowable reality. Matter, as a cause of the representative image, is unthinkable and therefore nothing to us. An external world, as absolute matter, unrelated to an observer, does not exist for human perceivers. As an appearance in a mind, the universe cannot exist as it appears if there is no perceiving mind.


Neat! This is exactly the kind of thing I like to wear!


I have no idea what ToonKing said, but yeah, I tried to keep the design simple because I kinda cant see the NextFest people wearing a cartoony shirt around for the convention. But now that I think of it, I think I shoulda made the hologram come from the moon instead of a satellite dish.


I like it. It's kind of sad, though..


To see what it would look like on a shirt, check my blog


Badass on the badass-o-meter. I sound like a degerate compared to ToonKing's blog.


yeah toonking, stop making us all sound dumber with your intellectuality and stuff.

i like that it's coming from a satellite.


ok, then thats cool


Toon King- trying too hard is no way to go through life.

But I like the shirt.


Ever heard of a Wikipedia Copy and Paste?

I'm really not as smart as I look. ;)


but still, can you explain what you were talking about and its relevance to my sub


cool idea. but the perspective of the satellite is a bit wrong.


yeah, thats why I wanted to change it to a moon. but i wont resubmit. if it doesnt work, i'll go to my next project.


I like how Earth is drawn. Design looks better on navy then black.


Whats the deal? It was really funny how right under "no explaation needed" there was like this fat ass explanation from a total stranger. "Just what do you mean, sir?"

Now shit is all awkward. Great.


well see, his explanation was not really explaining my design. in fact, i dont know what its explaining

Zena Cardman

I like it on navy, explanation or no.

aled profile pic Alumni

I like it - If you thinned out the use of the stars, it will look less boxed in. As it is, if it were printed on a t-shirt, I think it would be quite clearly square. maybe even make it a bit more round? Minor details maybe :-)


Collier denied that an external world exists independent of that conceptualized by a mind. Kind of like the philosopher Berkeley. he argued that men dare not conclude that what seems to perception to be external is actually external, for such objects as hallucinations, which seem external, are admitted to be internal. The difference between a seen and an imagined object, Collier asserted, is not that the seen object possesses a quality of externality but that it is more vividly experienced than the imagined—a difference that he held to be insufficient proof that the seen object exists independently of the perceiver.

Sorry, just read this book Sophies World about philosophy, and what toon's saying touches on it. Basically, matter, or what really exists, depends on and does not exist independantly of our conciousness.

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