52 Pick-Up

  • by bofarr
  • posted Jul 26, 2006

See the irony in this design as you will; some might think it too much, some not enough...

Watch this

Intresting. I really like it.


cool design!!!

i do not know what it means though.....that could just be me


It's hard to see the irony as I will since
I have no idea what the messages are
in the design that are working the whole
irony thing.


there isn't one thing to get, just take away what you see in it

also sweet awesome, 5


Sorry! Let me explain why I thought I might have gone over the the top or been heavy handed:
The first part is that the plane is a B-52 bomber which has been, depending on your point of view, a symbol of American Might or Imperialism for over 50 years. The title is from the kids game 52 pick-up where as wee ones we would throw a deck of playing cards high up in the air and then play "52 pick up"!
So there is the irony in the # 52! An instrument of death and a childrens game. :)
The other part is the vultures flying in formation over the desert with the plane as if they know what's up and what's to follow when the bomber gets to where it's going...
Thanks for the compliments and the props so far! :)


One more note, the star at the top is the USAF symbol and the jolly roger denotes what people in other lands might think of the USAF...


wicked. i dont know what to say.......im speachless. awsome first sub.$5


thanks for the explanation

it definitely helped me out


That's is really good. And it's actually creative word play and it's smart. Nicely done! $5


awesome concept

M. Rogers

totally awesome. $5.


Is that Arizona?! Saquaro Cacti??
Oh, well...I like it! Yaya!


Thanks for the explanation bofarr! Now I can see the irony. Great illustration of what you are trying to convey. I wouldn't wear it though because it has a skull on it. I realize why it is there, I just don't like skulls!


IMO i don't think the skull and crossbones fits. I would like the design better without them. Otherwise great stuff.


very cool, take out the pirate stuff and i'm happy $5, nice design!!!

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

There's no irony here. There's symbolism, but there's no irony.

Kevin Barrack

Really nice composition and imagery. 4


/agree with tracerbullet


there is irony. the idea that vultures, a part of nature, would be flying in formation with an airplane is ironic because airplanes defy gravity, another part of nature. vultures are scavengers and only eat things after they die. vultures are the janitors of the planet. and b-52's are used for killing people for political reasons, which is unnatural. however, vultures do take advantage of humans' unnatural activities by cleaning up the corpses left behind. that's my interpretation of the irony.

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and concept.


this shirt is just damn cool IMO; regardless of anyone's take on it.

As someone interested in aircraft of all kinds, and a father who was in the airforce, and living in Tucson at the moment; I find that the shirt has that 'air force mentality' which is to say the idea that flyboys know they are commanding a giant aircraft capable of destroying anything up to a moderatly large city.

To me this looks like the shirt for a bomber crew flying a bomber called the "52 Pick Up" (which I'm sure there's one called that somewhere in the aging fleet) who is stationed out in the desert. The skull and crossbones might be their nose-art

On the note of nose-art, usually there'd be a connection to the cards on the art. With this I have a suggestion: figure a mushroom cloud made of cards, or a mushroom cloud that looks like a Spade perhaps. In any event, this would draw a direct connection between the nuclear capability of the B-52 and the 'explosion of cards' that a game of 52-pickup would entail. I think it would look rather interesting and while the skull and crossbones is pretty awesome, I am not sure it's as appropriate to the overall concept of 52 and pickup.


I love this shirt. I bow before you and your greatness.


...or it's used to stop people from killing their own people. Furthermore, the whole point of having nuclear weapons, or "instruments of death" is so that you never have to use them. I don't understand how people don't get this concept.


I like it, but it's not ironic.


i like it alot... i like it more after i read your explination of it... im not a plane person (no pun intented) i was like up birds like old plans? but bravo!


I like it, but its hard to see that its a B52 from the shape drawn. There is nothing to link the bomber with 52 pick up apart from the words - perhaps the bomber could be dropping a load of playing cards instead of bombs?


nice job but i think you are stretching a bit regarding your message (i also don't really consider it ironic).

i think the bomber looks fine but i never would have thought the birds were vultures. at first look i thought you were attempting to do eagles but that didn't fit the tone.

i'm also failing to see the link between the bomber and 52 card pick up, aside from both having the number 52. and what is the connection to children? it just feels like you're making it something it's not.

but i do like the concept and i think you're design is beautiful!


I love it, except for the skull and bones at the bottom.


I like what HipboyScott. I'd like the design if the jolly roger was replaced with a spade... or if the swords were just taken out.


excuse me... **"I'd like the design -even better- if..."


ljluense, I see some link in that 52 pickup is a game of taking an orderly pack of cards (nevermind that they are shuffled or what-have-you, they are in a nice deck) and then throwing them into disarray and chaos by (how we did it) throwing them up in the air. As a concept, the idea of a Bomber increasing the entrophy in an area with it's payload is not too far of a stretch from a game of increasing the entrophy of your deck of cards.

However, like I said before, the concept might be more clear if there was a visual connection between them with a 'mushroom cloud of cards', which would definitely bring home the conclusion of the two things. At least that's my opinion.

I would still buy this shirt in a heartbeat if it's ever available.


Awesome. Can't even explain the feeling I get when looking at it. Imagine the feeling while wearing it! Great job $5


As this winds down I want to thank everyone for all the comments. I especially enjoyed the irony vs. symbolism discussion. Lets just say I see both sides. I felt by the legitimate definition of irony that it exists alongside the symbolism present.
As for the jolly roger and some folks feeling it was better gone, I understand your concerns. Le me say I liked it for two reasons. One it is a blatant and easily recognizable symbol, one that used to cause stark terror but has been diminished somewhat by the whole fun pirate that people think of when they see Johnny Depp doing his impression of Keith Richards. 150-300 years ago it was the last thing many people saw before they were brutally murdered. The second reason for the skull & swords though was very simple; I liked how it reinforced the lines of the overall composition. I felt I needed something to not only continue and emphasize the oval but I also felt it balanced out the star up above made the design "sit" less heavily in the space.
Once again, thank you everyone!


Americans pirates? We take what doesn't belong to us, and pilfer other countries. Sounds like history to me. The connection makes sense. That's my take anyways.


Amazing thought was put in to this. Awesome

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