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Virtual Reality

In the future our bodies will be obsolete - old technology.

*In the picture: an old CRT computer monitor, an x-box, a mouse.

Placement/size of the design is completely negotiable. I like it best on dark colors.

Watch this

i like the illustration and the placement on the blue shirt. JWD.


He reminds me a lot of that guy from "A Scanner Darkly." Very cool (albeit creepy) concept!

Salsa Shark

I'd like it centered on gray.


great illustration, but too dark and creepy for me personally.


Techno junkie. Cool.


Awesome illustration.



very nice illustration. i think it looks great on the blue shirt.



I think the colors need to be adjusted to match each shirt's color. Grey on the blue/green/chocolate looks odd, but the background image where he is shades of green looks good.


It's a good drawing, but it seems like the concept could've been pushed further. I mean, maybe he could be hooking up to the net through his veins. I think the vr helmut needs some work as well, right now it's pretty boring. This could be a strong statement, it just needs a bit of work.


Very Ghost in Shell of you. But yeah, I don't like how the guy sorta looks like having dreads and sorta doesn't, and having dreads its a slightly angry. So you're down to just a plain ole 5. Cool design tho.

Miss Kreant

Yeah, I wanted his hair to look kind of matted because he is not taking care of his body.


Scoobydooto on Jul 26 '06
He reminds me a lot of that guy from "A Scanner Darkly."

thats what i thought too!

great illustration... i think the blue shirt looks great! $5


this is almost scary. very cool tho i would buy it

s a m m y

i would definitely buy this for my friend


Wow, this looks really cool...I would like it the most on a dark grey or black shirt, I think few colors fit the atmosphere best...
The color just has to be dark enough to let there be a contrast to the motive...

herky profile pic Alumni

nice illustration and shading.


dont like the color choices for the shirts, great message tho


reminds me of scanner darkly, have you seen it?


absolutely love it. so dark! id buy it for sure!


I have to agree entirely with "surreal blue", the meaning of the shirt isn't really pushed enough. If you want to have such a concept behind something to be printed on a t-shirt, I'd want the meaning to be extremely clear. I really don't want people staring at me as they try and work out the meaning and I certainly dont wanna have to explain it to them.
Other than that, I like your illustrative style and appreachiate the dynamic shading.


if the picture was in the lower right id give it a $5


Excellent Illustraition. 5$


what? come on now. our bodies wont be used? now, really.

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