The gun always won. And it was unfair bullshit!

Watch this

OK, nice concept, but it needs better execution.


I like it, great concept, and I it makes me laugh just looking at it... Elementry school was so great! I would buy it.


I like the concept, but the rock on orange looks kinda like poop.


Rock or poo. Who can tell? Execution needs work.


i likes the legs, they're comical!


I think it's executed perfectly. The style goes with the game and the age.

Agreed about the rock, though: The blue undertone in the rock on the blue shirt takes away the poop-esque look.

4/5, I'd buy.

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I'd buy it.


↑ You get more ants with honey than vinegar. :(


When can I buy it?


oh i know notacrnflkgirl i hope no one took that comment seriously lol

i really not a mean person!

have mercy!


Excellent concept !

Just pump up the execution and I would buy it
( the rock especially ),
and make sure the objects are at the same scale.
( the gun looks too small when compared to the scissors )

Someone has actually improved their first submission
and Threadless printed it.

So it's possible


i will definitly take that into consideration! ty


Great concept. Maybe a thick bold outline will make it pop more.


a couple years ago, my friend convinced a blonde that there was a "god" sign that could only be used once every thousand years. Needless to say, he pwnd her ass. pretty "god" would own the gun, too, but, unfortunately, "god" has already been used this millenium.


great! so when can i start buying!!!!!


I saw this and laughed right away. It's well done and it isn't hard to understand. Good execution.


I, too, laughed the instant I saw it. Fun!

miss jarvi

rock, paper, scissors...shit?

i like that the rock looks like poop. i'd buy it! :]


Maybe make the rock gray and the paper white/lined paper??

Still, i love this design. 5$


Hmmm, from some comments like "The style goes with the game and the age." I am wondering if the target audience for the design is young. I am not sure I like the 'message', though I may see a different one than some. As to style, I would opt for more details on the figures, yes, scale is a question, the feet are great, colors right, maybe not all objects in a straight line. Yea, the possible negative message is a problem for me. Do I want to see this shirt on adolecents(?). Maybe the design has a different message than I am seeing, ie, "resort to heavy weapons if you dont like taking risks (ie, fair play?)". Could some design element be added that makes the message clear? What is the message from the artist?


I guess not everyone played Rock, Paper, Scissors and at the last moment someone pulled some crazy object out instead and said automatically I WIN.

This specifically shows of the gun being one of the objects that I know alot of people, at least to whom I've talked to said shoot! at the last moment and made their hand looking like a gun and said the gun wins all.

It's sorta hard to explain but these other people that commented here and got it must know what I am talking about. I am in no way talking about actually using a real gun under any circumstances.

If someone see's this and does understand this shirt. Please help me clarify this better to ComputerWhisperer.

It was just some self made thing that us kids did or had it done to us in a game of rock, paper, scissors when we were younger.


i'll keep it short. I like it, i'd buy it! Legs could be better but they don't bother me that much. $5!!


i saw it as Rock, Paper, Scissor, Shoot... as in 1, 2, 3, shoot. But every1 is different, see Computer Whisperer :)


Pretty much what everyone else is saying, great concept, meh execution... break out a second version and I say you got yourself a winner


haha, love it, the kids at my school always used a bomb, lol $5


Just gotta say, shirt is great and reminds me of a time at a bar...which i will tell the story now.

get ready for run-ons.

after watching the poor effort of the usa team in the fifa world cup me and my friend started playing some darts. some british dudes came up and said lets play and losers buy a round. we said sure IF you play our game after. they agreed, we lost, and they didnt want to play. they said "wha tha fauck choo say...weere noht ihn faucken ehlemehntree". we then said "but you agreed" needless to say i punched the guy in the face and yelled in his face and said "rock to the face, I WIN!!!" one of the greatest moments in drunken history and ran out of the place before the waiters caught up to us. we went back the next monday for the next usa game and the bartender chick was pointing at us while she was talking to the other bartender but for whatever reason they let us stay. usa lost bummer. l.a. galaxy is in last place now but they are hopefuls for the us open cup and thats all that matters now...oh and that this shirt gets printed. imagine when i show up and my friend that was with me sees this shirt.

and to computer nerd guy whatever "chill out and use the button that says "skip without scoring" (yes i put qoutes within qoutes and i meant to)


lol well thanks for the sapport from the people who like it thus far!

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Hahaha, this shirt is hilarious. ComputerWhisperer, I can see where you have concerns regarding this shirt's design. However, most people would see this design as a harmless, humorous visual displaying a common form of cheating used in a game of rock paper scissors. Cheating is bad, I will agree with that, but it can also be funny. So I guess what I'm saying is...lighten up, and don't take designs like these so seriously. Just sit back and enjoy.


I like it, but I agree that the scale could be adjusted, and that the rock could be redrawn to look less like poo.


The ONLY negative thing I can say is- I hate orange shirts (they make me look dead)- because it is silly funny!


well they could use the blue variant shirt instead, not the orange

Flying Junebug

I like the blue shirt better.
and I don't like the placement of the design. I would put it higher on the shirt because right now it seems a bit.. under.

Good idea. :]


haha. funny stuff. but i dont know about that orange. love the blue.


well hopfully if anything come outta this, they go with the blue, thanks for the support people!

amelia xavier

love this. i would buy it anyday 5$


i'd like to see it better executed.


that's a good one, but most rocks i see aren't brown... and i think it would be more effective if there was a tiny bit more distance between the gun and the rock, paper, scissors. but it's clever and very good!




well i agree on the orange part being not the best but they could possilby just go with the blue shirt if anything should come out of this


Can I get a free T-Shizzle dawg. i bring it to iu, trips be like "oh i's like dat?" i say "t's like that loons." then, wearin the shirt is everyone and i know you like dat.


I lot of people have said to fix the rock and make the gun bigger; I agree. Otherwise, sweet shirt. Made me smile :-)


Love it! Just make the rock look more rocky than poopy. LOL.

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