• by Luke...
  • posted Jul 24, 2006

[the text is not part of the design, but it is the concept]

An empty frame can be viewed in many ways.

It can express a view on the value and validity of \'art\';

or it can make a statement about our rampant consumerism.

It can explore the theory that anything framed or out of context is art.

The empty frame on a shirt can be a call to inspiration;

or it can present the wearer of the shirt, as \'fine art\', worthy of adornment.

hope you guys enjoy this design. Please feel free to interject your own feelings or comments.



color choices:

gold colred version on natural shirt

black and white line on sagestone shirt

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Dark Visions

I like this. I have no clue why, but I do. The placement is really neat too.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Very nice! 5


i think it looks really good on sagestone.


very nice - i just subbed a frame logo as well


while i very much like the design, i feel as though the explaination is a bit much--it makes you sound pompous. the concept isn't that difficult to get. anyway, nice design.


This is really nice!
I think that personally I would like it better a little smaller.

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

great concept as always Luke -- keep it up!


Lovely design. But the description made me feel like you didn't think I could get that on my own.

Kramer and Sprenger

I hate to be a jerk and be the one who has to say this, I really do, but the concept of an empty frame is not nearly as deep as you seem to think it is. Sorry : (

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i am glad, and very suprised that you all are liking this.

as for the concept explanation:
i only thought that in the 3 seconds most people take to actually decide their score, they might not take the extra 1 or 2 seconds to fully appreciate the concept/message...[but then maybe it just takes me longer to get things than other people]
guess i am just slow, haha

thanks again for the kind words everyone,


yeah, thanks for the explanation of your idea. Good job.


Awesome! :) 5$


really nice. I hope it wins so that I can get one!

bortwein profile pic Alumni

This would probably also look real sharp on a Pacific or Light Blue shirt. I love the concept and illustration. Very well done. Size and Placement are stellar. 5$

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is a really neat idea luke, although you picked teh type of frame that angers me teh most it suits teh idea of teh design very well. nice

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Or it could be vieing the frame itself as a piece of art, something which is too often overlooked.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

and wtf, how could a frame anger you?


if printed just like the upper left picture, i'd prly buy it. gold on natural or whatever doesnt really work for me.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

no more blue, please

i use to hate the overly ornate, but then i relized they have their place as well

you are right, how did i miss that...[i was even a custom framer for years...haha]

shhhhh dont tell anyone, but i prefer the b&w on sage as well...but the babes and swarthy italians love their gold...haha, watch me alienate an entire gender, and a whole ethnicity....just teasing folks.

that would be perfect, i like that you have this compulsive need to fill the frame...it bugs you being all empty up there, doesnt it...haha


if your design does not speak for itself, explaining it will not help. it just makes you sound like a pompous jackass.

Luke... profile pic Alumni

i didnt mean to offend anyone with the text, or to 'crutch' the design.
i just thought that some of the concept might get overlooked...

i didnt say that this was a brand new idea or anything, it is simply my take on it, sooo i didnt think i was sounding pompous, but thanks for the kind advice bitterbunny...


I disagree with bitterbunny.
Sometimes an explanation helps you to
see things you might have overlooked
or would never have thought of.

I like banaphone's thought -- " the frame itself as a piece of art "


people will think you're just framing your chest. which could be awkward.


im a girl and italian, but i like the sagestone more so :P

Luke... profile pic Alumni

dragana44, but are you swarthy...haha
[thanks for that post...]
just shows how 'out of touch' i really am...hahaha




not liking it.


what? yeah you're explaintions is awesome but the shirt alone is dumb. i mean, "hey ste... why is there a frame on your shirt?" i think your thinking is right on but no meant for threadless.


really cool concept, and great design too! 5$

Republic of Kris

I like the use of the shirt color in the design, especially on the grayish shirt. The placement is really nice and the size of the design is a good change from the small confined graphics that seem to be the trend lately. I would like this better w/o the wire and nail, it makes it too literal (i.e. "this is a drawing of a frame"), which I think detracts from the concept you were after. I really like this design and will definitely buy it if it's printed. I do have to agree with some of the comments here though, a good concept doesn't need to be explained- it will always come through in a good design.


Make it straight horizontal so I can have a lovely frame for my boobs. Not.

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni



i don't like it. i feel like i've seen it ike thousand times b4. doesn't look good on t-shirt as well. sorry.

mezo profile pic Alumni

The details of the frame & the delicate way you've offset it on the nail is perfect. Great jorb, Luke Perry!



$5 great placement

filak profile pic Alumni

Very nice, i like.

streetwise profile pic Alumni

Great Ider Man!! 5$

scarlet begonias

love the idea and the writing next to it....deep

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