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  • by Teacake
  • posted Jul 22, 2006

what if theose 5th grade terrariums had little people?

Watch this

hah hah! i actually love this design qand concept. yes! you're the first submission Ive come across with a smart and funny concept since Ive started scoring.

easy being green

The design is clever, but I'm not sold on the placement.


I would like it more if the design hit the bottom edge, but don't move the bubble things, I guess add more? I love the colors and the design, though. $5


i like the design but not the bottom of the bottle. I would buy it if you did a little re-desingnig.


Please not on brown. Any color but brown. I'm so sick of brown shirts.


i so like this! brown and turquoise - thumbs up :) $5


i like it. love the colors. why is the bottom black? still, $5




i really want this...but keep the white edge going around the bottom. and maybe change the buttons on the little man, he looks kind of gingerbreadman-y. otherwise, keep it exactly like it is. even without changes i'd buy it.


nooooooooooooooooooooooo brown! If this was in any colour I would buy it in a snap. I LOVE THIS, but please not brown.


i am willing to resize! as for the black bottom- it was to go after the old 2 liter bottles that had the black bottom. haha thanks!


oh and i'm willing to change the shirt color!


Beautiful artwork... the brown is a little too dark but other than that - fantastic!! $5


I like it, but colors other than brown would be awesome-r.


It's cute. Would consider buying- although the black bottom of the bottle doesnt seem to blend in with the colour scheme i'd just continue the white. $4

chronically bizarre

love on brown, but I agree that the black bottom doesn't really work

chronically bizarre

please please please don't put this on something like natural or heather grey or gold, I'm so tired of those shirts, pissing me off how all the designs I love are printed on hateful shirt colors


Now that I'm looking at this again I think the black bottom works but shouldn't the points all be the same length? The rest of the bottle isn't on a 3d view, so if you evened them out I think it would make more sense


very awsome design. give me one


The black bottom on the bottle is awesome! I bet most people on this site are not old enough to remember when bottles had seperate bottoms though.


Love the brown and turquois...


this is super-charming! love it!

Triple E Rock

The best thing about this design is that it's all basic shapes. That's awsome.


i totally made these in second grade. $5


Gingerbread men?

d to the v

my thoughts exactly, fwuzzle.

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