Dork Filter is ON

  • by ToonKing
  • posted Jul 21, 2006

When Trekkies get a notion, very bad things can happen.... unless you\'re wearing the proper armor.

Damn you, Kirk!!!

Watch this
CarrieOpal profile pic Alumni

Umm...what? I guess I don't know enough about Star Trek to appreciate this design. I like his dress though.


first off someone tell that colored.vinyl to shut the f@&#* up! I don't understand the fiilter but i understand the love for star trek ^_^


I suppose none of the girls out there have ever been "hit" on by a Trekkie, lookin' for some Romulan love.


good design, but not my style.
keep up the good work though!

Kramer and Sprenger

Weird. When I first looked at it, I thought that it was an anthropomorphic pylon or butt-plug about to perform a wedding ceremony. Then I looked at the Star Trek t-shirt, and now I realize that I have absolutely no idea what is going on anymore.


Hahaha. That's some good ol' Wikipedia intelligentia right there.

What's funny is that I submitted this concept without first conducting mounds of research. It is now clearly apparent to me that cute monsters, dinosaurs, pirates, and robots are the "in's" to a popular design.

Food for thought.

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