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  • by Engineer
  • posted Jul 18, 2006
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thats awesome amazing and stuff


If anyone's wondering, it's based off a similar shirt with a Fedex package. I spent ages trying to find out where to buy that one after seeing a picture of it online... no luck at all, so I'm pretty sure it was either photoshopped or something someone created themselves for fun.

So after all that searching, I gave up and decided to create one here!


I'm adding this to my list in my blog

Quag profile pic Alumni

P.s. don't get me wrong, I still 5$'d it.


Yeah, that's the one!

I wonder how the company was able to escape copyright infringement though... there's no way Fedex would have approved that. :o

But if anyone can find that store... email me right away! :) I want that shirt badly!


I wouldn't wear it but I could deffinately see several of my friends who work at Fedex wearing this!


This is so badass

mcgowen007 profile pic Alumni

5$...you don't see many completely new concepts out there (well...okay, you borrowed it, but it's new to me)!


I like the little note in the bottom right. Definite 5 from me.

bortwein profile pic Alumni

I like the concept but my only worry is that from the front this shirt will be really boring in design. If the front area of the letter had something more going on then this would be stellar.


The whole design could be shifted to the other side of the shirt... then the "THREADLESS" part would be on the front.


I love it, and after checking out the link for the russian one, i get the reason for the placement!




my husband wanted one of these too. although it's been done, i respect the fact that you didn't try to say that it was your original idea.



this is sweet.

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

A big problem I see with this shirt is having a huge block of white ink. That would be very uncomfortable, especially since white is often a heavy ink.


you had a 5$ from me, but since its a blatant copy (brilliant text replacement aside) I had to bump it down to a 4$. yes. I'd still buy it. I'd be thrilled to buy it. It's the best knock-off I've seen to date.


I agree with tracerbullet on the white ink...that will be uncomfortable. But it is an awesome idea, maybe try a different shipping company so you can change the color of the package :) :P


Hmm, maybe a brown version knocking off UPS... though it'll be hard to squeeze "Threadless" into that logo. :) Maybe "THL"!

With the brown shirt, the package needs only to be outlined in light brown or gold... I can try to whip something up in a few days.


love it, but i thought you couldn't go over seams on threadless subs...


I believe that seams only run around the sleeve, and above the shoulders. To my knowledge, there are no seams on the sides of the shirt...?


Correct, no seams on the side. I'm wearing a Threadless right now, and the only seams are on the sleeves. =)

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Original placement, great graphic, excellent overall concept!


Alas, no $: I don't wear advertising.


with the arm at the side, it looks like you're carrying the package. I like it.


"I wonder how the company was able to escape copyright infringement though... there's no way Fedex would have approved that. :o"

In Russia copyright infringes YOU! Seriously though, I think this might be along the same lines as bootlegged dvds from China. And nice 5 for you.


what if it was an old Shakespeare manuscript or sheets of music? That way the incredible idea still gets accross but there is no problem with copyright infingment... just an idea!


slaterock profile pic Alumni

Hahahaah, one of the most creative shirts I've seen on here! I'mma 5 it, but I don't know if I'd wear it. Cool nonetheless!


pretty sweet.



"I wonder how the company was able to escape copyright infringement though... there's no way Fedex would have approved that. :o"

You're allowed to borrow intellectual and creative property for the use of parodies. Look at SNL skits and the Daily Show.


Very very clever. $5


I want the original FedEx version. The spinoff just doesnt cut it. If FedEx were smart they'd just make their own. But I wouldnt count on it.


hm... i don't know. i just really dislike shirts that advertise threadless. no matter how good the shirt is i always have that lurking in the back of my mind... i don't know why, i don't mind the stickers, i just don't like ads on shirts.


Badboy! I was workin' on this sub! :-()


I'll bet that Fedex made those and then paid people to walk around major urban areas while wearing them. This just seems to be an obvious ad campaign to me.

Furious R

Just because you can't find the place to by the shirt doesn't mean you should rip it.

GD Matt

My eBay addicted friends would be all over this... in its original Russian form.

dr. pepper

this would have been good for the "create your own trend" contest. i love it though. $5 all the way.

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