• by Aj07
  • posted Jul 17, 2006

i love typography

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excellent use of type. I like it.


I have a font fetish. I admit it. There are so many good fonts that it was hard to pick what ones looked best, so I just randomly picked some. I hope you will vote and celebrate one of the finest art forms around. Typography.


you get a very rare $5 from me.


I'll take that as a compliment then thank you :)

mezo profile pic Alumni

This concept has been done and done, but rarely has it been executed as well as yours. I love it.

Only complaint? The 'nueve std' on the right clearly has 'std' showing, scootch it to the right a bit so we can see more of the 'nueva' so the 'std' part doesn't make us think 'sexual transmitted diseases'.


This design has been done over and over again. But out of all of them you mastered this one. 5$.


it's a reminder to use safe sex too mezo!


really? - looks like something i done first week of art college.

Sorry, but i think this just really lazy...

Mazy Mallone

Wow! That's really awesome ... I want it!


Well, keep in mind I'm not an artist in any sense of the word. I have no education in art, I can't even draw. I can however take different elements and manipulate or arrange them to make a design. So that's what I do.

Not everyone has the same level as skill as you do Seven Hundred.



FONTS! yes, yes, yes... I too have a font fetish. $5


i might have a font fetish as well...and this is really awesome. $5


I normally don't like when the name of the font is written in that font, it reminds me of posters we used for yearbook. But this is sweet.


Thank you for all the constructive crit and nice comments, I appreciate it.


God, I HATE Comic Sans. I'm glad I don't see it. Although it looks as though you used PizzaDude's "Agent Orange" in the background, and you condensed it. For future reference, try not to squash or expand fonts other than changing their point size. Kerning/tracking is always cool, but never compress fonts.


p.s. - check out "Thinking with Type" by Ellen Lupton at amazon.com


Nope, there was no condensing going on. Kerning is the culprit.


(That's The First Time I've Said That, Be Proud :D)


If this shirt doesn't get printed im going to punch a baby in the face.



i really want this tee, i would so wear this





As a regular guy I'd love it, but as a typophile I can't forgive you the arial narrow :)

i carnt spel

i am a com design student but i am still yet to embrace type with the passion of my lecturers... this is clean, well executed, and has a dash of intelect... yet with the text by itself it feels devoid of emotion and intrigue... yet you seem to be doing well... and Gary Emery doesn't impress me that much so who cares what i think...

good luck...


My suggestion: if you're going to do a design that celebrates typography, you should really consider stronger font choices. Verdana? Tahoma? Palatino? Those are all really generic typefaces. (i.e. if they come free with your computer, they're generic.) Clearly you can see by this that I'm a bit of a font snob. But I see no Futura, no Gil Sans, no Univers, no DIN Schriften... no essential classics. The layout is solid, I'd just change the font choices.


The font choices may change if it gets printed who knows. The bigger issue is what fonts are free vs. what ones are only purchased. That's the reason the fonts that were used were picked.

Thank you for the comments!


I work at a working letterpress studio and museum and would love to wear this to work! I llllove type!!
Dark Grey $!


this makes me excited all over again for my typography class this fall. I'm not too keen on courier new or lucida console, but overall the design is tight. for someone who says they're not a designer, good job!!


I absolutely LOVE it! PLease print this shirt, Threadless! 5$
Oh, and I don't find it "lazy" at all...


I really like the idea, but I think you should have displayed some really nice fonts like trajon and such rather than veranda and new times roman and the rest of the fonts that come with every computer.


I hope people don't give it a low score because I used free fonts. The fonts may be subject to change depending on if it gets printed too.


absolutley loving it! i want it! 5$

the haggard

jk this is one of the best designs i have seen in while. amazing


Pretty cool man. It's just pure typography, and it's not wasting time trying to convey some other message. Well done. Looks better in grey, in my opinion


cool idea, but a bit design geeky.


Perfect for design geeks. Nice.

aled profile pic Alumni

Well executed, but done before in just about every graphic design book available. Like a good little design student, I have something very similar to this in my portfolio, and I wouldn't wear it on a t-shirt. Good subtle touches like the 'Verdana' and 'Times New Roman' sharing an 'e'. And I like the font that you've used for the word 'typography'.


Use better fonts, and I'll buy. Totally.


Better fonts are in order if it gets printed... if the fonts are the only thing holding you back then vote a $5 and the fonts will be changed a bit :)


I believe this has been done.. and I understand that a lot of people are font nuts, but, I can't give you more than a 1 because what effort did this take? I could've made this.


Oh and won't it be one hell of a task getting permission from them? Dafont used to be my life and everytime I downloaded a font, in the attachment was a notice saying "CONTACT ME IF YOU USE THIS IN ANYTHING COMMERCIAL" or what not.




^ Ok. You can't discount the score just cause it didn't take a lot of 'effort' to create the design. You also have to take into account creativity/uniqueness and how much the design appeals to you personally. I've seen some designs on here that five-year olds can make but they're refreshing, unique, creative and for that I give them 5's.

I think this was put together well and cleanly. But I'm not a huge fan of fonts, and as such, 4.


Electronically: since you could have made this, why don't you actually submit something that takes some time before you talk trash.


i wouldnt mind this as a print on my wall either, because i sometimes forget what some of the fonts look like


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