Hugs Are Drugs

i think ive heard of something like this before ... o no .. it was hugs not drugs .. but idk .. its close

Watch this

i get pretty drugged out when i get an awesome hug! i love hugs.. good job, it's simple and cute


i don't get it... the design is cool though.


totally awesome. i'd definitly wear it.


Haha, this is great!!! Good job.


This shirt rocks! i love hugs


Haha I love it. Truth.


i think i'd like it better if it said "drugs are hugs"

chronically bizarre

umm...this is disturbing and looks like something that would be in a creepy guidance counselor's office....or tattooed on his/her butt...


i dont care how cute its face is, hypodermic needles are not ok!!! fun idea but i hate needles.


agree with xaimfortheheart - 'drugs are hugs' makes it multiple times better


Too similar to "Hugs Not Drugs" but still... Cool I guess.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I like the needle's distressed hat.


Are shirts being rated for how "cute" they are or how wicked the design is? I've never seen "cute" so competely over used. It's a needle. A needle. Hypodermic. How precious.
Do like the shirt though.


it's kind of late to explain, i suppose, but it's been interesting hearing the comments. this is my first submission and it was an idea i hesitated to even make, much less submit. i'm not about drugs. i'm about hugs. so if you read it in that light...that's how it was intended. you know...hugs are addictive, and stuff...anyway...

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