Summer Passage

  • by spires
  • posted Jul 10, 2006

Full Text:

<i>Some dry faint hum of generators pierced the sunset, as two armies of clouds fought over the girl beside me; the ensuing lightning punctuated the dismal sky with bright strands of hope, which were short-lived and muffled. A legion of stars shone into my heart and tried it; the milky way stretched itself around my wishes and tossed them into the rolling tides, as distant fireworks cauterized the wound destined for my life; the powerlessness of the wandering anglers to coax a fish stranded me unto bitter irony.

Deign a kiss she did not, in the face of all this loveliness; deign a kiss she\'ll never. The great spectacle of nature swayed her not. Neither the ocean nor the stars nor the sea nor the moment, nor the beach, nor the waves, nor the dark, nor the wine, nor the laughter, nor the muse, will send her reeling to my arms; nary any hug of substance will be.</i>

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I'd Definitely Buy This.


i think i'm in love...

Kojima profile pic Alumni

That's you, dog!


This is unquestionably worth a $5, even though I feel somewhat weird about wearing you.


wow! i love it and i need it! this shirt is totally amazing. well done my friend. i hope you win and can showcase your shirt!! best of luck. i would defintely buy this shirt!


wow! i love it and i need it! this shirt is totally amazing. well done my friend. i hope you win and can showcase your shirt!! best of luck. i would defintely buy this shirt!


I may be new to the threadless scene, but no one is new to emotion. Those words are beautiful. Thank you for submitting this, and great work!


geezus james, youre just trying to make threadless bankrupt with your beautiful illustrations, arent ya!?

excellent work on this one! that person looks an awful lot like you though, which isnt entirely a bad thing, but then its not an entirely good thing either, haha

good luck man!



Hmmm...where do I begin? 'bout I don't want a picture of you on my manly body and the poetry is way too deep and personal for a tee. I do, however, like the style of the artwork but I think you should save the sweet nothings and "woe is me" face for your girlfriend.


Damn cool. Excellent.. not sure I have any complaints, except.. dark shirt please??? That and it'd be strange wearing another person


beautiful. love it on the white and yellos. i hope it gets printed. 5buy.


the pic? who is this? and why do i want them on my chest? why not gilbert godfred or a silhouette of orlando bloom's nipple for all that matters. why is this pic so intertwined with the poem? if it needs an explanation then it's too much - personal reasons i'm guessing that don't concern anyone else asking the same question. you could say i'm being too logical, and maybe i wouldn't be if i just plain liked the whole look of the t-shirt but unfortunately it doesn't tickle my fancy. not even the nors and narys.


Just great. Hope it gets printed. 5.


wow. thats the only thing I can say. 5buy


I love this shirt, except the fact that really only a guy could wear it.

Otherwise I'd totally give it a $5.


great way to expose the other artistic side of you! love the shirt


I like the design but would never wear it.


Um, no. Itty Bitty tiny text, no.

spires profile pic Alumni

Thanks to everyone for their awesome comments!

ilexwhite, think 'to scale'. It's small in the preview -- but sadly, the preview isn't the size of a human being.


i love it but would the text be to small to accually read on a shirt i sure hope not cause it was beautiful




chisafer profile pic Alumni

snittleface, your comments don't count any more for obvious reasons.

but onto what I was going to say; Yes, yes, YES! $5.


Why couldn't girls wear this? ...I totally would.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

what is the guy on the shirt doing?


Grats you win :) $5

Jenna Lupey

ooo i like it in the banana
i love it


wow, very impressive!


My comments DO count because I buy his shirts... I don't mooch off of his winnings.

I love that we agree, 5 and BUY.


i really like the word deign.. good job on that. and i'm a girl and i would wear it. so .. good job!


I love the pastels and the design!

wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is an interesting piece you have here spires .... it begs teh question .. how personal can wearable art get ... and honestly I would wear this cause its too long for some one else to read in passing so teh words just become a texture ..anf teh figure is great

spires profile pic Alumni

Exactly! Wullagaru! You understand typography as image; you understand type as texture. Amazing.

Additionally, If someone is wearing this around someone they are meeting and spending time with, they have a great conversation piece.

I feel as though a light just turned on in the heavens.


a light has turned on from the heavens!


it's got to be a really, really good poem if i'm going to wear it out and about.

this is better than anything i could do, but not good enough for me to wear.


oh man
i get to wear you?

that's the best thing a girl could ask for!!!


five and buy. five and buy. + this should win the threadless loves threadless contest!!!


yes yes yes yes
oh dear.
lovely. well done.

Sky Captain

Good God man! I'd buy this in an instant! (actually.. maybe 2. or 3). Love the words, love the picture, complete Perfection. 5$


i'd totally buy this...or a few.
i love the text. it's b-e-a-uuutiful.


Perfect words.


$5!! Love it.


you wouldn't want their boyfriend on their chest?!

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