• by Willish
  • posted Jul 10, 2006

Not sure I really get it.

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stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

dude, pink is so hot right now!

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Actually, I like it.


i like the way it seems to get bigger, and then recedes. it reminds me of the 4-color-palette print, except with motion. but will it work in print?

steven218 profile pic Alumni

i like this a lot.



You get a 5 just for being original and brave, yes yes brave it is, might even wear this.


Hmm, interesting. Nothing cute, no apparent joke on a white shirt. You just broke all the unwritten rules, you rebel you.

Go tesco, go!

PS, well, at least there's no text. Hahaha!


sideways t-mobile cellphone bars or something - they hit you off with a sponsorship


A form letter?

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Holy cow, this is too awesome!


ALMOST NICE! I would just suggest starting your paragraphs with indentations. Then it'd be NICE! 5




what's worng? I like it lots!


wrong* lolcrap.

le_hell profile pic Alumni

very original, i like it!


mmm...Jones, have you considered the Steve Swartz Mail Order School of Literary Appreciation? for just a small (as yet undefined) number of monthly payments (of very nearly all you can afford), we can teach you how to understand real art like this. soon you'll be able to say things like:

tesco's Highlight breaks all the convention of t-shirt design here on the site without breaking a sweat. the detail is fascinating: the # sign leans a little to the right, breaking up our tendency to favor the justified margin on the left against the ragged margin on the right. color is used well here to provide a readerly ebb and flow that we'd normally expect in a letter like this. having abandonned text, tesco makes a good decision to mimic a personal letter form exactly: especially with the pink text, we're called to imagine a letter written from one person to another, and from there to imagine a story of our own. and the sizing choice is perfect: smaller, and the design resembles a grease stain; larger, and it intrudes into the armpits. this is a fascinating submission from an oft-printed designer; none is better suited to the "letter" of the ♥ threadless competition.


I love this $5

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

you have totally already won




Thank you for doing something intriguing.


i'm not sure what you don't get, as you have been so unarticulate in your negative energy.

do you not get the wonderful detail? do you not get how tesco has built a coherent whole out of the detail? do you not get what it means?

as the design is so rich in all these ways, i can only hope that you seek some sort of redemption. if you don't kill yourself, and you choose to reproduce, i hope that someday you pursue a spiritual path. wisdom can counteract bad genes (which you obviously have!)


dang steve, do you sleep with tesco or something?... but i really like this design, tesco, and will buy it when it gets printed. $5


well steve, ill let you know when i kill myself because i cannot understand this shirt. jeezus. this whole load of negative comments totally gives me a bad impression about the whole thing- ill just skip without scoring.


i dont get it, but i like it - rock on tesco!

MissGilly profile pic Alumni

i really hope this goes the distance, hell, i hope it takes out threadless loves threadless - the most original thing ive seen in ages!


hey dan,

no shortage of support for 'the tesco' i see...

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Looks great - definite 5$


original? yes. but would it be a good shirt i dont think so, to me it is lacking in content. but of course now i'll get slammed by everyone who loves this design. true it's original but not interesting

Mazy Mallone

Highlights are all the rage these days.

And I think this shirt should be too.


God it's like the emperor's new clothes, except if you wear this shirt you won't be naked (don't forget the pants).

.moto. profile pic Alumni

thats nice and different. 5 to you.

Oh dear

Im not too keen on this one dan. I wont get over-analytical!lol
Its a nice idea, but too many lines up top for me.

I wanna see some more crazy ills from you.

staffell profile pic Alumni

5$ for the boldness

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