Window of the World

this shirt is so kewl i would totaly buy it and i would buy it for all my friends

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Awesome design, but I'm not digging the building choices (Taj Mahal?)

Still a 5$ though.


i think i'd like it as a bigger city... more buildings. cool, though!

Darkie profile pic Alumni

That's a neat concept, but maybe have buildings that are more iconic/widely recognizable.


Thank you for not calling it "Big Ben".

These are widely recognizable buildings but the way they're presented makes them less so. Maybe more detail?


so it has glow in the dark ink for the windows ? Neat idea. 5


OMG! This is such a nice shirt. I would buy one for all my friends!

5$! Excellent idea!


i don't think there's glow ink..those are the shirt colors light green/dark green. i like it

fc gravy

i like this! you ppl and your flash presentations, cool!

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Terimisu, it isn't light green and dark green shirt. It's sagestone in the day time and sagestone in the night time.


this presentation is really nice.. lots of work went into this and i really like it. nice work 5$ for sure

Kojima profile pic Alumni

For info and high resolution image, go to my blog.


i want this shirt! I think it will be awesome to wear at night if it works


Really cool Idea. Nice work $5


it's glow in the dark? my little brother used to have glow in the dark barney pjs when we were was probably the coolest thing i've ever seen.


it reminds me of katamari! which is awesome! i like the design and nice sears tower (my town's iconic building). $5


couple more buildings maybe?
looks great though


Very very cool, I love cities at night.


more buildings! but still 5$


night color better.


love that!

ohno notagain x42

The idea is good and it would be really cool with glow-in-the-dark ink...but it somehow seems a little...simplistic, maybe? It might just be the squares and trees. However, the more I look at the design to figure out what it is, the more I like this.

d3d profile pic Alumni

i think it's awesome, really clever and novel and looks really good. unfortunately in my experience 3D stuff doesn't do well but goodluck.

lemon nuggets

taipei 101! sweeeeeeet. glow in the dark ink rocks.


Hey, Great design and concept! I was thinking to make something with the Glow ink myself... I think I would like it even more with a more "cluttered" or compact building design with simple to understand landmarks. I think Threadless has to make 2 T's for 1 price here as a kind unique selling point ; ) $4 for now but aiming for the Great $5 later!


That's damn cool. I wish you'd represent San Fran, but cool none the less. $5

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

very cool, like the presentation of it!


i like it fine with the amount of buildings it has, no need to add more


I see the Sydney Opera House, Big Ben, Empire State Building, and Taj Mahal...what are the other two? (Sears Tower? and something else...)

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Use your mouse and roll-over the buildings to see their names.

The last one you are referring to is the tallest building in the world according to 3 out of 4 major criteria.


beautiful. i'll take it!


NICE! Good work, different than most. Though I would like it more if there were more buildings/ they were placed better on the shirt. The scale I think is great and glow inks rad. $5 nontheless.
Keep it up.....

chisafer profile pic Alumni

does it change color too?


awesome............................................that would be like very amusing to wear...i am overly amused....taataa awesome..with capital a like this...Awesome...hellz yeazz


Have to say this has grown on me a lot, I scored it yesterday but have been thinking about it a lot today. It's the use of the glow paint that's making me think $5 after all.
My only quibble would be it's not my favourite London land mark, I'm a London Eye girl all the way & how cool would that look glowing?


i like the glowing windows - but i don't like the lay-out

i'd rather see a random/unidentifiable "big city" skyline in 3D - than a few recognizable landmarks placed on a grid


hey, this shirt's awesome!

Mazy Mallone

If that means it's glowy ... then I really like it. Either way I really like it. I've always wanted a shirt with the whole city scene on it.

Awesome ... $5


I like it! the tall buildings in the front are very well done. great job.


i like this shirt a lot. though these are highly recognizable buildings, buildings are buildings, so people may stilll not realize what these buildings are. maybe list off the buildings or label?

Kojima profile pic Alumni

^ Have a list? I don't think people like text on Threadless. Well, the buildings are highly diversified, so anybody from any country will surely recognize most of the buildings.


I have to give you credit for constructing one of the most elaborate Flash submissions I've seen so far on Threadless. The shirt design is pretty awesome, too!

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