fill in the blanks

  • by travis76
  • posted Jul 08, 2006

...if anyone here has enough BALLS to ever \\'ruin\\' (aka customize) their lovely threadless purchase with sharpie or permanent marker, this would be the tee to try it on.

Whether you\\'re found dead or injured on the side of the road, don\\'t know how to talk to a sexy stranger in the club, or really need the bassist\\'s autograph or digits, this tee will come in handy if you ever get around to filling it out.

Just don\\'t forget to bring a marker with you. that\\'s what keychain sharpies are for.

maybe the dumbest thing I ever thought of...or maybe the best tee shirt the world has ever seen.

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staffell profile pic Alumni

it's a shame you missed the rush with these tees trav, hopefully you won't get bashed because of it. best of the bunch imo

BasicShift profile pic Alumni

best o the 'customize my tee' ideas I've seen -- very unique take on it and would actually make an interesting read an possibly be artistic when finished...


I would totally fill everything out.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i would've liked to submit this for T loves T, but there wasn't for the other 'writable shirts' here lately- since i stay away from voting while i'm working on subs, i had no idea about them.....chalk it up to the artistic zeitgeist and how people think when asked to 'do someting new'

not a typical trav design in that it's not drawn, but don't let that keep it down...

Kojima profile pic Alumni

I like the old-school look. $5

steven218 profile pic Alumni

nice one trav - i'd buy this. definitely.

i don'tthink i'd even customize it though - i love it as it stands!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i tried to design it to be stand alone as well, thanks!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Really great layout & font choices. I especially like the tiny touches such as phone cord. But, damn, there's a huge tsunami of 'DIY write on' shirts....


At least this DIY shirt could stand on it's own without any customization. The other DIY subs are heavily reliant on the cleverness of the wearer, which says very little about the actual design. This is great as is. Especially the box for blood type, incredibly useful. ;)

Mazy Mallone

I would definately wear that! I know my friends would be dieing to fill it out with fake information. That would be soo awesome.

Please Print this shirt ... it's awesome ... $5

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

this will suck if I get some girls number and then another girl sees it and thinks im a man-whore

but until then 5$


great detail i like


Even though its been done, this is definitly the best one


a little bit too much...and I would not fill it out. lot of this going around here.


I love it! ^^

me wantie

I love the design
the idea
and the fact that if I owned thisI'd so fill it in and wwalkk around with it proudly ^^



when will these custom tees end!!!!

sorry, they're starting to bug me!


I've Been Sick Of The Fill In The Blank Shirts, But This One Is The Absolute Best So Far


haha it's fabulous.


just out of curiosity..will the marker come off in the wash?

love the design anyway



Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Not my favorite of yours Trav. You're a talented illustrator, so where's the art man?


I agree, best of the bunch of these 'DIY' tees.


Passwords box. Heh.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

....can't draw EVERYTHING, rocks! :) yeah, i was just going for best of the DIY tees....even though i didn't know everyone was doing them :(


Best one of these i've seen, but frankly not for me. 2 for effort.


I just can't see too many actually wearing the customizable shirts...definitely not for me


haha, "Special Talent." I could have some fun with that one!


i'm really sick of these "fill in your.." tees now - please stop making them (even though this was one of the best so far :)


I am getting sick of these DIY shirts. This is the best to date but it is still annoying to see them.


I like it... but what if you make a mistake?


I'm counting on this being printed.


Ehhhh I dunno. I'm too lazy to fill in stuff on a shirt, that and I wouldn't want random people on the street to know everything about me before even talking to me


Argh my eyes!! Love the design, But possibly a bit too hectic/complicated for me.
Ideally for me a few less boxes - love the special talent one!! Dont get rid of that!!!
I used to have a Hundred Reason's T-shirt that had a "fill in the box" design to it. loved it to peices - Till i lost it anyway.

Still on the basis of entertainment I'd buy one. I'd live to deal with a whole crap load of annoying text messages from strangers. I present you with a cool and refreshing $4.


Amazzzziiiinnngggg :) i like

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

Nice design, but it'd be better on a piece of paper.

...I'm joking. But yeah, I think you suffer with the fact that this idea has already been thrown around so much and has actually been printed at nerdy shirts(I know yours is different, but still!).

You should re-sub a modified "product of society" with blank %'s. That'd be cool.


I'd like it on the back of the shirt. $5

IndustReal Strength

kinda big on the tee

but i like the resembleance to those old paper pad things you put on your refrigerator with all the info on it


Would it be possible for Threadless to provide a marker that will wash off of the shirt, in case you wanted to redo it over and over? If you wanted it to be permanent, you could always use Sharpie.

I'd buy this, definitely. But it would be great if you could change the information to suit your mood. Meet a hot person, ask their name, and then write it at the top of the to-do list section! Ah ha ha...that was cheesy. And everyone would want to sign the autographs part...

i carnt spel

good.. but... you already know the but...


Definitely the best do-it-yourself shirt $5


Totally a 5.


It's wierd cos I try and rate as many subs as I can but this is actually the first DIY shirt I remember... maybe that speaks for the qaulity of the others though. I really like the execution, so I'm gonna give it a 5 but not sure I'd buy it.

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