sticks of SHAME

I\'m full Asian (Japanese), yet I can\'t use chopsticks. (I know, <a href=>Harry Carey</a> time.)

Because of my SHAMEFUL INCOMPETENCY, I was inspired to create this design :D

For more ramblings about this entry, including the SHAMEFUL TALE that prompted me to create this design in the first place, <a href=>check out my blog entry</a>.

And to repeat, just for good measure (cuz I always anticipate one blind person... as I\'m usually it. haha), the Japanese roughly translates to:

<I>I cannot use chopsticks.

Because of this, MY FACE BURNS WITH SHAME!!!

...Can I please have a fork.</i>

and to anyone confused by the D: it is the \&quot;OH NOES\&quot;-emoticon, much like the expression of left chopstick.

to those that translated it literally, it\'s a figure of speech.

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hahaha love it


cute! i love to use chopsticks.


Because I can read a little Japanese....I really like this shirt. Aw esome design!


Very nice. Wouldn't wear it though cause I can use chopsticks.


lol, same to the top guy.

i should get that for my boyfriend


i can catch flies with chopsticks so not for me... but cool idea.


It's a cool idea, and it certainly is fun. But is looks like a restaurant's advertising shirt.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

It's so hard using chopsticks!! :)


I love this, I would buy it.


absolutely love it
i would buy it but i am a chopstick master


LOVE it! $5

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

Hooray! Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! :) I'm glad there are those that understand my pain, and/or are amused by it!!


I can use chopsticks well, but will still buy the shirt for friends. The design is simple; true to the design concept that "less is more". Black shirt looks better.


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! \^.^/


the emoticon confused me, since it's backwards from the way i usually see it. i think i'd like it better without the emoticon.

otherwise, really cute! $4


granted I learned to use chopsticks when I was really little, but I'd still wear this shirt. It's very good. $5


reminds me of when i first got to japan,i would have totally needed it then but not now! but what the heck i'd still were it , it's too darn cute!

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

so funny^^


Ahhh, I'm half Chinese but can definitely empathize. $5


$5 + i'd buy it! :D

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

Hooray again!! Thanks x 3495834905 for all the new awesome comments!! :D

and re: the D: face to poofie: haha yeah, I was kind of worried if it would be confusing or not :/ (I was thinking about putting a japanese emoticon, but that would probably be even more confusing to some, haha) But anyhoow, while I like it, I'm not married to it or anything, so we'll see :)


wicked shirt $5 but i'm not too big on the translation being on the shirt

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

oh really? (haha or "O RLY" as it would be) hmm, I'll take it into consideration, since it hadn't even dawned on me that some people would want it to be mysterious :D


It's so cute! I'd definitely buy one. :D


this shirt is so funny!!! i wanna buy one for my dad, who is caucasian, so he can crack up my mom, who's japanese! ;)


i have a lot of japanese friends who have repeatedly tried to teach me to use chopsticks, so i would definitely buy this!


Fantastic! I'd be even more into it if I hadn't forced myself to eat with chopsticks a half a million times until I could do so adequately. (Before I resigned myself to learning I often asked for a fork.) Chopsticks no longer intimidate me, but it took a whole lot of embarrassing meals with dropped food to get here. I don't get it--they're so simple... but not...

Cute shirt.


i love it / would buy it since im lame and cant use chopsticks for the life of me


haha, nice! I tried using 'em once, but the darn things had me fumbling about until I had to use my fingers.


haha - I know a few Chinese people who would wear this
I would, too :)


Hey Great concept and artwork! I can eat with chopsticks but I have to try for 30 minutes everytime : ) On Black T please I will wear it!


go team chopstick retarded!


i DO know how to use chopsticks, but i'd still buy the shirt. nice job :)

ilovegravy profile pic Alumni

Holy moly, I'm almost up to 1000 votes already :O :O :O super duper thanks to the new batch of nice comments!!! ^___^ I'm really happy to see a mix of supportive friends and random threadless members here on my [technically] first submission!! :) It brings a theoretical tear to my eye, it truly does. :D

The chopsticks, however, are still disappointed in me. hahaha


i would TOTALLY buy this shirt! aside from the fact that i can use chopsticks. and then i'd buy one for my white friends! haha, jkay

Mazy Mallone

That's what I think every time I go to a chinese resturant and they ask is I want chopsticks.

I must have that shirt!!



Haha, that's cute. :D But I already know how to use chopsticks.

But my brother doesn't. :O


hahahahahaha.... this has my name written all over it! love this!


Heeey buddy!! X3
You know i love this shirt already :3


man, i wish i didn't know how to use chopsticks. i would totally wear it.


Wah I love this! It would've been perfect for me 3 yrs ago- But now I proudly say I have mastered chopsticks.. I'd still love to buy the shirt tho =D

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