Snow White

  • by Gringz
  • posted Jul 07, 2006

yeah, i´d look hot in that...

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streetwise profile pic Alumni

yeah, this would make my boobs look bigger! nice presentation.


interesting that it seems you put more effort into the design around the actual submission than the submission itself.


yeah, i'd never wear that...little trashy, no?


I can't wait for someone to invent animated shirts. that would be the shit. This would accentuate my killer rack


Thanks:) Estwo, I have lots of unused graphics laying around on my hard drive so it looks more than it is really.


no chance for boys.. threadless designs are meant to be unisex


haha.. took me a while to figure out which was the shirt design

Darkie profile pic Alumni

I get the feeling that I won't see many guys wearing this, but I'm not sure why...

mahalov profile pic Alumni

i like the background things more than the actual shirt
and yea dunno if i would wear this ;)


I like the things going on in the background. But I'm not too sure about the shirt design. It doesn't look very presentable.


i like the presentation a lot. i wish i had a code so i could put it on myspace.


This shirt would make my man boobs look GLORIOUS!

They Call Me Special K

the flash work is waaay too much. its a thousand times better than the design itself, sadly.


What is with the thing in the corner with the star on the green?

travis76 profile pic Alumni

design me a website.


I was hoping one of those deers was on the design...


better than having my tits touching my chin in a real one
good job!


I love this sub to death! Maybe in blue and yellow too?

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

I really, really want this shirt... and I can't put my finger on why.

cast the sky

impressive flash work. not sure about the shirt though.


i'd like the shirt to be the whole display (minus the flash, of course)


I think it's a good idea!

Salsa Shark

My boobs are big enough as it is...but it would be pretty sexy if a guy wore this.

....And by sexy I mean disgusting.


for gals! think of us!!


"interesting that it seems you put more effort into the design around the actual submission than the submission itself."
Ha very true.
It's a bit crass.
Incorporate the chick into a design somewhere, she has hot lips. :D

The Brown Coat

I actually like the design then the submission. id give $5 to the design if it were a shirt submission.


I really like this. Even if it is overly simple, it's a great alternative to the tacky tux shirt for us guys who aren’t easily embarrassed. I would give it a 5 if it was a little more detailed.


i am so not liking this. not only is it just for girls, i am not one to point out my features. people can figure it out on thier own. its a little too in your face for me.

herky profile pic Alumni

terrific presentation. nice, fun design.


I actually got the idea from a magazine. There was a photo of this japanese guy in the background drinking milkshake wearing a white tshirt with a large black bra-print. The print was very different from this. I thought it was fun:)


Presentation: Awesome
Submission: Not


I think it's a adorable. I'd buy it in pink.


ugh, I'd feel (and look) like a whore wearing that. But I do like the way you presented it.


i get the feeling this would be popularized by stores like abercrombie and sold to twelve year old girls wearing too much makeup.

i like your presentation a lot though! maybe you should do animated cartoons for a living. or put this scene on a shirt. yeah.


i think you should have thought about the animation on the submission before doing it on the tshirt. what if a deer or bunny gets printed with its eyes closed?

MissGilly profile pic Alumni

hehe pretty clever idea


this is soo bad.


1 - the design is trashy, even worse than the tux shirt
2- get a real corset if you want the look--you might even learn something interesting about fashion history
3- perfect cartoon women are boring, enough of them, already, whether she's on the design or not.


Thanks, you really made my day! You seam to be such a nice person, come and give me a long hug

Recycled Oxygen

WOW you can even zoom in! awesome layout tee..i dunno if i would wear it

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