This is interesting, but I am not sure what I am looking at.

Watch this
the_boxkite profile pic Alumni

why? ....exactly.


yeah that is the question "Why?"


Maybe it has a point.
Maybe it doesn't.

Either way it really catches the viewer's eye.

Everything about it has an odd vibe thing
going on and then there's that plain question
mark just hanging there. I wish the question
mark was stylized as much as the creature.


^^^^^^^^^^^me naked


Nice weird design! Does it has something to do with the nr. of the beast? "You need wisdom to understand the number of the beast! But if you are smart enough, you can figure this out. Its number is six hundred sixty-six, and it stands for a person." (The Bible) So there is only still one 6 missing on the forehead?


Hansen- That's not straight from the bible, you need to get rid of the quotation marks.

the shirt is really confusing. Maybe that's why i like it? Kinda?

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it's a tee shirt design/ does it really NEED a point? Its interesting i like.

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