hahahaha. wow. nice illustration.

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whoa, first score and comment

looks nice


gross, but good drawing

Luke... profile pic Alumni

haha, mmmmm deliciously gross...
love the old-style "advertising geometrics"
wonderful illustration as always.
great concept, great design

mezo profile pic Alumni

I am STOKED on that blue keyline!
Also, you are one of the few who KNOW AND RESPECT FONTS.


stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

dude, totally wicked! love the brown and slate!

Jebs profile pic Alumni

fantastic design!!!!! 5$


This is a fantastic design, and the subject is so disgustingly delicious. Well done!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Haha! Great work trav!

travis76 profile pic Alumni

'know and respect fonts'


crazy good drawing dude. 5

travis76 profile pic Alumni

i fear that like 'dinner date' this is too repulsing for the timid to sport on a tee.
i thought we lived in grosser times...we'll have to see!


I love it. It is reminiscent of cold-war paranoia and that hideous movie in the '80's "The Day After". I want one, even though rats are about the coolest and smartest animals on earth.

streetwise profile pic Alumni

i could eat me a micesicle right about now. ( ;

Garnett F

Brilliant. I'd rather lick a pidgeon. $5


cool $5 and i never thought i'd wear a rat on a shirt...so well done

stingerstyler profile pic Alumni

gross is good - i'd love to wear this and see people's reactions!


Good stuff as usual, but not one of my faves. Too bad. 3 for effort.


awsome. i wish you would have kept the title "lawsuit" though.$5


Great illustration... i can't wait to chase down the micecream truck.


that is a fuckin sweet illustration man. well done 5$


its great looking, personally i'd prefer it with just the ratcicle no extra stuff, but it looks great.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

My cat would dig these...


travis76 profile pic Alumni

could definately stand alone without the sparkles and dots. i was going for the ice cream parlor/truck appeal, but could easily ditch it.
thought it might soften the impact of a stark ratsicle, even though i'd want that too....


Gawd, I'm sooooooo tired of these recipe tees!!!

HA - nice work, and I would both wear this and try one dipped in chocolate. 5$


Nooo! Please don't ditch anything in the design!
Its best the way it is. I personally would never submit a changed design again - If they dont like it they dont deserve it!
Once again nice work mate.


mate if you had used the line colour of the rat for the t-colour/background and used the extra colours in the different areas like the styalistic background details and popsicle stick this would be a 5. perhaphs a nicer pink for the rat skin and a yellow and brown popsicle stick.

As far as illustration. it's a 5 easy. fonts are great you seem to appreciate your stuff like a pro.

Idea is great if a little on the dark side of cutesy for threadless tho i'm sure there are plenty of ironic girls out there who would still love it!

Do you have a tablet to do the drawing cos it's a real nice job there man. lemme know i'm despirate to emulate this free hand drawn style. ;)


grayehound profile pic Alumni

Wow, that came together great Trav! The sparkles and dots give it that nice ice cream truck polish!

just all around nice work on that one, Trav.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

IC THREE- no tablet man, just ink brush and pen...i haven't even used my tablet since i got it for christmas, to the dismay of my wife that bought it....!

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Tight illo man. I like the retro 'bursts' and price, nice touch. 5!!


ratcicle sounds better

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

nice work, love the addition of the type


FAO: travis 76
cheers for the info. I've seen alot of hand drawn stuff and i'm convinced tablets are the devils work! I love pen and paper my-self. You manage get the ends so sharp... obviously the ink that converts nicer, size helps too.

Tablets aren't cheap i'm sure all women think diamons are a better buy than a bit of ol' technology.

good luck in the future & with this.


ew ew ew ew...you just made miceicles worse for me...but this is an awsome shirt!


that is...really really cool

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