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What a striking resemblance to Predicament (the greatest thief design)


What is predicament ?
i will go see it but i'm really sorry if my design look like another one. In fact i'm on this web site only since one month and i don't know at all what have been done before. And when i have made this design, i didn't even know what i wanted to do before it was finished ^_^


I'm back from the design called predicament and i'm sorry but the idea in my design is totally different. More than this, the bird is the essential element of this design, it's the symbol of peace which tries to lead the man. In fact there are lots of meaning here but i let you find the one you want :)


yeah, it resembles predicament, but predicament was totally different. But this one still does need work as the guy seems a little squished


Any would-be plagiarism whistleblowers can go twiddle their thumbs, this is totally fine. I like it a lot, but I wish you'd done more with the dove. Maybe have the wings fade off the same way the tree and dirt do. (I know those fade off because the tree loses leaves and the dirt crumbles and you want to convey movement, but) I think the dove looks kind of plain. You already have the color contrast, neh?


i like it on the tan shirt. i also like the way everything looks as is. nice idea $5


i agree with WEContact about the dove. other than that i think it's good!


I ADORE this shirt! I'd buy one in every color! $5


Umm, they kind of have a printed design like this, but instead of an island, it's a fish.

ANYWAY, I LOVE this design!!!! It, like, this sounds weird but, it reminds me of some small New England town, and I LOVE New England. I don't know, it's like an 'anything can happen' sort of message.



i wish the leaves were more detailed and well, leaf-like, instead of looking like something that was just run through a filter but i like the concept.


definitely like the green and natural


And France wins against Brazil !!!!!!! :D

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man, you could have cleaned up the auto traced vector lines a little..it looks really computer generated.


this reminds me of the stuff on fullbleed. i agree it'd be way better with more of a trailing-off movement effect. and the physics of the fishing line itself seems a little bit off if the bird's pulling the whole thing along.

otherwise nice.


Hm very cool. Nice color choice


Good idea. I don't like the way the tree looks though.

C a k e s

$5 great illustration.


what's astonishing to me about this is that a shirt submitted to a "make something new" contest is so obviously a commentary on (or at least needs to be seen in the context of) one of the most popular threadless shirts of all time, Predicament. maybe the peace you're proposing is to forgive Andy his collage?


your idea is not totally different. i'm sure you made it up independently, but the ideas are almost exactly the same. his shirt is about the danger of fishing into the depths; your shirt is about the release of attaching oneself to dreams. virtually identical in structure: hardly "new" as the contest called for.

but neat — i like the idea....


bird + tree = t-shirt.


Windmill, Windmill, for the land...
Turn forever, hand in hand...


I love the illistration, but I don't care much for the brown option. I hate brown. More colors please!


i love it!!!!!!!!!
i want it
its beautiful

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