Fill in the Blanks

  • by hans1247
  • posted Jun 21, 2006

Crafty! Does it come with a sharpie?

Watch this

Eh, I don't want the public to know my name or what I like.


I love the pre-filled-in lines - "lots of things" makes me even happier than the idea of a mod-encouraging shirt :)


"Eh, I don't want the public to know my name or what I like."

Then don't go outside.


this is really cute. i'd buy it in white... but not any other color.


It's kinda lame. A good idea but it would make you look like a simpleton walking down the street with a shirt that says "hello, my name is......"


What's a sharpie?


"Eh, I don't want the public to know my name or what I like."

"Then don't go outside."



i think i agree with evilstan that the pre-filled lines are actually kinda coool.

not a bad idea though, might look a bit try-hard but i think it'd be ok.

Ava Adore

looks like it says Mole


I'd probally take the sharpie and fill in the filled-in answers.
katox- Sharpies are permanent markers that smell good.


like the white best. but much smaller, far too large for my taste. i would SO wear it. i would write my name as "Kenny Beafskipper" and "I enjoy to wrestle squirrels"

YES. fabulous.


I would wear it if it were on the back of the shirt.


Yep I know UpsideDownTreeCult - cept the smelling good part ;P, my point was though that I'm not sure other non-Americans would (I first thought of knives...yes, I'm stupid).


5$, but only if it's on magenta or blue.

oh, and i'm not sure if you meant to keep that there, but i really like the white sketching in the background with the writing like "blank line" and "lots of things". it would also be funny if, under name, you wrote "guess" or something....


Uck... no thanks.

Love the blue, tho.


i like it i like the pink or blue that would make it looke nice and i would so put weird things on it if i had that shirt


have you even read the threadless


have you even read the threadless hearts threadless rules? nothing tired

and this has been done a thousand times

i'm not saying its bad design, it just doesn't fit the guidelines
(search "name tag" in the submissions, i'm too lazy to dig them all up)


I love the fact that its interactive, it takes de tee to a new level. Definetly folows the contest guideline "start a new trend".
I would buy several.

mezo profile pic Alumni

New take on the HELLO MY NAME IS submissions that once polluted this site. I do like the huge size of the graphic & how you've allowed the wearer of the shirt to also become part artist of the shirt.

The written in lines have ENDLESS possibilities!


this is just tooo cute! i'd love it on white or baby blue. its so simple and has tons of possibilities! great job! $5


it seems like the shirt could get old, especially if you change your mind.

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

this is like the very first prototype of myspace, left from before tom had a computer


I like it a lot - but on a different coloured shirt. 5


i'd use a non-laundry proof marker so i could change what it said everytime i went out. 5... this shirt is the best 'nametag' type shirt i've seen thus far

chisafer profile pic Alumni

3 words:

been done before.


I dont know about the size...


a bit big for my liking and concept has been overused to an extent. its okay.

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