Ha ha! I love this.

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Good idea !! nice work ! 5$


Very original.


out of all the entries, this fits the theme most. camo could so be the next trend!



it would be better if the CHAM-O-LEON wasntfilled in everywhere. let the shirt come through were ever possible.


one problem. there is no camo t-shirt.

the design would be better if the shirt was a different solid color anyway. keeping the cameleon camo looking.

and prexis. camo has already been a trend. and to be quite frank. im glad it is no longer a trend. it is so overdone.


peace freak, it's fine the way it is. sticks out tounge playfully at peacefreak


Great job....loveit!!

tomburns profile pic Alumni

ryrythepanda, just because they don't list camos dosent mean they dont exist. they do, and are not much if any higher than black shirts.
the contest was to think differently about threadless t-shirt design,
im not sure that a camo chameleon on a solid shirt would have quite the same effect, or even look cool at all for that matter.
thanks for comments! :)


- - - 5 - - - and $$$ BUY $$$ . . .

. . . if you get rid of that straight shadow
that runs between the front and back feet


im not a fan of army print myself but the chameleon's ausome


Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma-chameleon...
you come and go, you come and go...

not a bad idea, but needs better execution. It looks like the chameleon was designed in a hurry or done with a filter.


awesome 5$
This is what will make me buy a Camo T-shirt!


Does threadless do camo Ts?


i think it's definately thinking outside the box, but the execution is a bit weak, the shapes in much of the cameleons "camoflague" seem disconnected and the outline of the cameleon looks livetracey, rather than illustrated.

otherwise kudos for the idea.


$5 love stealth lizards and camo

although i think it'd work on a plain tee just as well


love this... i think it does need to be on a camo shirt... does threadless have camo shirts to print on though? I've only seen plain colors. Love it though!


assuming that they would actually print on a camo shirt then this is sweet. I give you mad props for just thinking of putting it on camo in the first place. the cameleon is a bit on the weak side and could have been better executed but this is still way up there because it is a giant leap in possiblity.


but it reminds me of those shirts that are like 'you cant see me'


very cool & different. 5. if threadless prints this, a good camo tee vendor is at

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Awesome 5.


there is the winter camo they could also use

E190 says my husbands name! $5



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"I like clothes, you know. I dig fabrics. One of my favorite clothing patterns is camouflage. Because when you're in the woods it makes you blend in. But when you're not it does just the opposite. It's like, 'Hey, there's an asshole.' But when you're in the woods you're like, 'Is there an asshole out here?' They look like trees."


hahaha... bananaphone, you'se got some o the best comments... even if they're quotes :}

Despite being anti-militant, I think this could be advantageous... getting military freaks to buy trendy clothes, thus crippling their morals :D $5

be friendly

I don't think you have to be a military freak to wear camo.

I also thought the stick was a shadow. Maybe extend it beyond the feet?


If you used illustrator, you could just make a camo pattern and use the outline of the chameleon as a clipping mask. I think that might resolve some of the issues people have with camo -- then the shirt could be solid, and I think the message would be more visible, despite that being the opposite of what camo is supposed to do...4

kooky love
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hahahahahahaha ---> banana phone's comment

this is very new idea.
but i'm not sure about chameleon...did you just trace it from the over done design?

$5 for new idea



who cares if they don't offer camo tees right now....i think this is a great example of something for the threadless loves threadless comp.


i think it would look nicer if only the chameleon was camo-colored.

Not an Aardvark

Nice, but there's already been a shirt kinda similar, sans the camo. In fact, I think you both actually used the same stock, heh.


No colors inside! just the lines!


I like it on the camo.... its like it sthe first part of chameleon.... maybe a blue camo would be even nicer. :)

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