Crying Liberty

  • by Sharp
  • posted Jun 16, 2006

Great design!!! (5!), but a bit tired of these political tees with bombs on in every different scenario you can think of, so no $ from me, sorry!

Watch this

i would make the tear more visible...

Salsa Shark

Enough politics, man. Can't we all just get along?

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Contrary to popular belief, I think the "America will bomb you back to the stone age" theme is cool.


I like this shirt. Too bad it wont get printed.


Politics are like llamas. Everyone's got em... and they all stink.


Thanks for your comments, both positive and negative. It shocks me to see so many artists reacting negatively toward something just because of the subject matter. The motivation behind this design is sort of an apology to the rest of the world. They see America as the bad guys based solely on the decisions of our leaders. I'm just trying to let them know that while our goverment may be wreaking havoc across the globe, that doesn't mean that our people are happy about it.


I love it, especially the quote. Awesome



I think it's a beautiful design, and the bombs are very subtle. Though if the tear was a bit more obvious, I think your intent might come through a little better!


It's pretty and I like the colors and placement, but don't think I'd wear it.


This is stupid.


Nice Quote..Seen this on a SOAD flipped liberty's sash...right on. here


I like the artwork, and the bombs are very cleverly included, but I personally don't wear political tees. 5


Wooaaah! Sweet bomb incorperation, man. The graphic statementness of this design BLOWS MY MIND.


definetly not for threadless


Thanks for the link to that SOAD shirt, SoulipsistArlo. This is my first time seeing it. For those commenting on the tear, keep in mind that this is an indexed gif your viewing. It's much more clear in Illustrator, and would be on the final product as well (should I be so lucky).


Is it threadless? not sure -- however I think this design is extremely strong. I absolutely love it. If it doesn't make it here, take it somewhere else.
Good work :)


Very powerful image, and I like that the tear is subtle, because personally I think the tear thing's a bit overdone and as a result quite a weak concept. The subtlety helps avoid this. Such a dramatic graphic.

cast the sky

very cool design... i am sick to death of the i hate america crap though. you don't like it here... get out.


When did I say I, "I hate America"? Isn't it possible to love America without agreeing with everything being done in the name of freedom and democracy? If you don't think so, than by all means keep drinking the Kool-Aid.


Maybe change the colour scheme.


not for a threadless shirt.
in fact, not for a shirt at all.

Jus A Rascal

5, just because its a neat design and color scheme.


Will the text be on the shirt as well?


Love the design and i like the text too.. kinda goes along with the whole saying of "history is written by the winner"

but i think it should just be without the text


MOre political tees! Rise up America! Take back what you have been robbed of!




the graphic staleness blows my mind


Nicely done. I would totally buy and wear this. I think it's subtle and appropriate. People don't 'get' that there are other opinions out there. As for 'is it Threadless'? Look, if you can reference drugs and sex, why the heck not politics?! Good on ya.


I'd suggest it should be on cool colours, though, not black and red.


Its so much more subtle than most political tees that I would consider buying it. I guess I dont know that threadless material is or isnt, but I really like it and the subtleness of the bombs. I hope it gets printed!!!


Yeah I can't really tell she's crying until I'm told to look.


I love these political shirts both Left and Right. Judge based on the design, not the message. I'm afraid this won't get printed just because nobody can seperate their political and asthetic beliefs. In the interest of futility - $5. I absolutely love this design, independent of my political leanings. Best of luck to the designer.


I really like this, though I wish the text were on it somewhere subtle. Does that make me an America-hater? Gosh, no. I just really like the shirt, and think the text should be on the back across the shoulders.


If the dsign is preferable with text, I'll add it. It was just a quote I came across that I thought seemed to fit our political leader's mentality. Ironically it was said by Adolf Hitler. Hmmm...go figure.


so wonderful


I like it. Must be a New York thing.


i like it. id wear it. if it was a sticker id put it on my car. what the hell is up with the young generation being afraid of politics.? are ya scared of giving a damn about something other than yer self? print it. 5


I love it! Great Contrast and use of negative space!


I like to believe there is room for a diversity of political thought. While political tees can be overdone or trite, this design is really on the mark. If you disagree with it, don't buy it. Either way, it's really gorgeous. I don't think it needs the text at all, although I'd buy it either way.

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