Lightened idea

whats with all the ones submitted '69 is threadless site screwed up

Watch this

Is he reaching for a light switch? If so why is it so low to the ground?


I think he's plugging in the light bulb... Maybe.


The socket shouldn't have two round holes, but two rectangular a socket. Cute, though. $4


^ Ditto. If the socket looked more like a socket, and the plug looked more like a plug, this would be better.

Cool concept, though.


Ohhh, he's plugging that in... Got it!


That's not a socket. He's clearly holding a slice of swiss cheese low to the ground, apparently trying to lure a mouse, who presumably comes and provides inspiration.

At least that's what I first thought when I saw it. Honestly.

That's supposed to be a socket? Seriously? If so, zero. It's the whole punchline and it looks like something else completely.


somebody beef this artwork up!

nice idea though

Le Raton Laveur

Ok. I see that my plug are not easily understandable. So i will try to make another design more clear..


It might be a good idea, but my judgment is clouded by my deep seeded hatred for those bathroom-symbol-dudes


I like the idea, but I had to read the comments to understand what it was. Definitely has potential.


i like it a lot! just needs to be a bit more clear... mabe draw a thin white cable coming from the plug?


i saw a video tape. i was confused at first. then you wonderful people cleared it up for me.
$4. i like it.


love the concept of the play on a idea/light bulb. Needs improvement, looking forward to the resub. 3 for now ;)


maybe worth a resub but has a bathroom guy shirt every done that well? The idea is solid though...


isnt he unplugging the bulb is the other with the bright idea? jealousy? haha


fix the plug and it's $5 :)


great idea if you revamp it a little!!! definitely a $


Hasn't this already been done?

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I've got a brilliant bout we institute a rule on Threadless that we ban any usage of the bathroom sign guys from designs unless it's as artistically inspiring as that submission from last week, where the symbol didn't have a head and the text read "Need Head"!?!?!?!? ROFTL I was for the next five eons...(sob sob sob). 2$ for at least ATTEMPTING a creative idea on this concept although the execution could be better. Keep on experimentin'....


sockets in europe look like that... i bet they would get it


if he's plugging it in, then it needs a cord to plug in. its still adorable! $4


I agree with the general sentiment that this would be great...if it actually looked like a socket & plug. I suggest a re-work & re-sub.


it would be better if the socket actually looked like a socket but its still good so $4

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