Your illustrative skills are remarkable!

Too suggestive for the kids.

The toast at the bottom is very phallic and very close to the croch.

Quite offensive.

Unfortunately that's what sells.

Watch this
Unicorn Hunter

ewww... sorry, you draw very nicely, but the subject is not my cup of toast


she has an ugly face.


LOL, the idea of phallic toast is making me crack up.


Is this from some movie or game? What is the toaster power adding to the weapon? It has a magazine. Why is she topless? I wondered what the flesh colored object was above the barrel, until I realized it was a flying piece of toast.. I kind of like the style, but lots of questions. (ps. the toast didn't particularly strike me as phallic. just me I guess...)


cool idea...i probably wouldnt wear it but you're a great artist. you should draw for japanese anime or the Lost surf company.
you should pitch the idea of toaster girl for x men 4...the last last stand.


... confusing, but interesting. A toaster rifle...

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The way she's holding the assault rifle is somewhat suggestive, plus her facial expression.


That toast looks like a penis.

No. 0 because it can't go any lower.


If you're gonna go anime, go anime.


i don't understand the purpose of the toast either. and the whole thing isn't something i'd want to wear, for a variety of reasons already mentioned by others.
the drawing is well done, mind.


i don't get it...

Nice artistry though.


On the right track; the illustration style seems kind of .. baron? and the head looks like its attached backwards or something.

BTW I don't know what your phallice looks like, jimjimdesign, but I gotta wory if your seeing one in that twin-pronged toast.


Dont listen to them...its awsome, nice skills 5.$


ummm,...why would i want to wear this?

roth a tron

i dont really like her expression..but over all pretty cool


Is it just me or is that toast incredibly phallic?
Rockin' boots though :)

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I left the toast the same color as her skin due to color palette limitations. I'll make some changes to the smaller piece of toast/bread if I get the chance.
Although I am having a hard time seeing any penis toast -- it would make a funny looking penis. : /
Thanks for pointing out the typo, abirdfliesintoa.

Thanks to everyone who posted useful comments.


where have all the good shirts gone? reading the posts is better than the design ideas!


I liked the no shorts version better


You've got great artistic ability... but I just dont get/care for the "toaster girl" idea.



You're style is very original and unique... it stands out quite nicely, and this is such an outlandish soncept that I must give it a 3...

and I fail to see how toast=penis either lol...


it's fine. he can sure draw better than me that's for sure. but i don't see the shirt as sexually suggestive.


I like it, did no one notice that the magazine holds three flavors of jam? I love that! So this design isn’t your cup of tea… that doesn’t make it bad. “not for kids”? so then don’t buy it for a kid. For everyone in the world to agree on art every painting should be of a sailboat. That way you either like art or you don’t.

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