Where's The Reason In This?

The trials and tribulations of making toast comes with friends. Penguin friends.

Watch this

Toaster... wrapped around his leg. I think that's awesome. You don't need the penguin IMHO.


really cute! i'd like it with or without the penguin.


confuseing/ is it supposed to be funny or just odd?
cute cartoon though!


just random, pretty much.


lol, I think I'd like just a shirt with only that penguin!


oh lauren! it's At and the penguin. told you i didn't like the penguin. looks far too much like the linux penguin. but you already know i love At.
and you possibly the most scene username is have ever heard.


oh god! wait! no! his name is The! sorry.


haha yeah. It's making fun of scene-ness.

So thusly it has to be the scenest thing ever.


I think this shirt just might be the cutest thing I've ever seen and I have no clue why....

the mothership

i'd buy it even though the penguin is really random but then again so isn't a toaster wrapped around a boy's leg. so yea it's good stuff. $5


This is really cool, you don't need the penguin though.


I think it would be better without the penguin and placed up in the middle.


I love the penguin. Keep it in there.

elle est vivant

wow, people are actually liking the shirt, Lauren! you should make the series one and put it up on here so people can score it, too [with the toaster, the businessman and the awesome jacket]. but that only covers sunday monday tuesday -- you need the rest of the week!

everyone reading this was probably reaaaallllly confused. oh well!

love you and love the shirt :D $$$FIVE$$$


yeah, I have to get drawing stoof.

and haha, they probably were



If I had money, I'd buy it right now.

Mrs. Milardo stole it.


hmm...i love the toaster kid, but the penguin not matter how charming must go. 5$ without the penguin.


nice, but too many colours.
otherwise $5


it just doesn't need the penguin. it's too cute.
but I like it otherwise a lot.


i think it's great 5$


i think it should be in the middle, because it's pretty small, but i really really like it!

Presumptious Mushroom

This is just awesome. Or is it just the fact that I love penguins?

Andy_Mason profile pic Alumni

wow, the penguin adds something truly sinister due to the fact that the guy looks clueless to the penguin ritual of crowding towards the edge of the continent until somebody falls in the water.....



I love the penguin- keep it! 5$


good design, wish it were in the center tho


without the penguin would be a lot better. wihtout the shadow i think it would also match the style better.
haha, i love this. if you took the penguin off i'd buy the first one.

it pretty much rocks though.


perfect except for the placement


i like the randomness of the kid and the toaster, but the penguin feels like an afterthought. It may be because hes placed a little bit far off, but i would like him gone. The kid is awesome though!

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