Battle Mode

  • by kamman13
  • posted Jun 07, 2006

What the tetris pieces do for fun when we're not playing the game.

I tried this design against a white back ground with black outlines, but it just looked so much better against a black backgroound with white outlines.

Watch this

Nice idea, but too busy.


Haha, the little facial expressions on the bricks is awesome.


This is the most awesome tee shirt ever. Total street cred for gamers and nerds...I mean...

roth a tron

love tetris but i agree with leslee..too busy!


I understand it is a bit busy- I like T-shirts that look pretty cool at a glance, but need to be really looked at for a moment or two to catch all the details.


i also thinks too busy. i'm not keen on the color combo either.


oops, just saw you comment, i'm down with the detail but what bothers me is the size of the graphic (i don't like the wideth longer than the length).


I also love this, but find it too busy. I wonder how it would look without the side stuff (Just "battle mode" and the center box)?


bahaha it's funnnnny.


...smaller though...


I check out the picture in my profile- smaller picture on the T-shirt and the stuff around the main design is cut out. How does this look? All the modifications suggested can be easily done, is this a good design or not?


A new twist on an old favorite!


love tetris. love shirt. $4


tetris is cool
but it reminds me of anime
i dont know why


hm...first of all, I've seen enough video/computer game this ones a bit too busy, it would prbly be lost on the shirt...


yes, but how many video game spin-offs have become shirts yet? Not many, if any.


i'm not sure if the arrows are meant to show the movement of the same piece or if they are each separate new pieces. nonetheless, i say lose the extra pieces and the solves some of the "too busy" problem and just makes the whole thing much more clean

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