what do you mean you don't understand?

cute idea for wall decals....bad idea for t-shirt

Watch this

Excellent Blik, but the message ought to be something shorter for a shirt


i hate to be a loser, but there shouldnt be an apostrophe when writing in sign language....


you should also have the sign language sign for question mark.


awesome idea!!!!!


In sign language you don't spell out every word.


so i just want to clear some things up.

first, i understand that you don't spell out everything in sign language. and i also realize that you don't use apostrophes or question marks when using sign language either.

they are meant to be FUNNY.

sorry that you didn't see the irony in that.

also, i know that the message is a little long. that was also supposed to be funny. but if anyone has any other suggestions for what to put on here that would be helpful.


for the letter 'U' actually have the letter 'V' ? Fix that and I like that.


Holy !@#$ people! deaf people can read typefaces. You do have to spell out every freekin' word. just not with your fingers cause it's printed.

Now if you want to make a message that instructs people on how to pick up on the deaf person wearing the shirt like "this is how you tell me I'm hot" well then you might be on to something.

Otherwise you are TOTALLY marginalizing a group of highly intelligent people.

techno bear

i do sign language and the best way to freak ppl out is to have the full words on there and not letters. if u have full words, then ppl will stare for a second then walk away. if you got letters everywhere, ppl will get fed up with ur shirt and ull soon get bad remarks. in the end, it means ppl will like it. i love it. sorry i wrote much

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it's not that funny. and the art is basically somebody else's font. all you did was type. this is ninety-second design. 0.


"also, i know that the message is a little long. that was also supposed to be funny. but if anyone has any other suggestions for what to put on here that would be helpful."

I realize you were trying to be humorous, but some people who are passionate about sign language and the deaf community may look at this and only see the faults. There's already enough ignorant people out there, don't confuse them further. (In other words, you know that finger spelling doesn't really use apostrophes... but other people may not know that and could become misinformed because of the design.)

I do admit that I like the idea of being able to stick finger spelling on my walls. I wish you would have designed them yourself instead of using a font, but still a neat idea. (And sorry for rambling!)


well, technically they do use "?"s and " ' "s in sign language. just not for words you are useing. i think its cute like this though because if you did the real sign language for that sentence no one would understand it. and it would be kind of tough to draw.

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bit boring really, and its been done.


Also, American sign language is unique to that country. British , Austalian, etc sign languages are like a foreign language, so the potential audience for this on Threadless is greatly reduced.


what the hell is blik? I totally missed that and I see it everywhere.


well in englsih sign you do spell out all words.....so technically its right either way i think its good


hmm... seems controversial. good work.

i showed this to one of my deaf f riends. they thought it was hilarious because of the " 's " and the question mark. he doesn't take his "handicap", as many people call it, so seriously so why should anybody else? chill out people. its a shirt. a good one too.

i am GOING to buy it. brilliant.


This is cool, but maybe make the hands bigger, and easier to read. it's a little hard to read, and that can be frustrating. Good job, though!


Ok correct me if I'm wrong, but I see "What do you mean you don't knderttatd?" Is that supposed to say understand? No, I don't understand! I can't freakin see it close enough. The concept isn't very strong, and you need to do your homework. You use the letter U correctly in one part, but incorrectly in the other part. wow. pretty weak.


umm.. no.. i think you have to do your homework. my design didn't get chose and i could really care less, but don't tell me to do more research because aparently you just can't read. and the U is the same. if it looks different then it's you, because i copied them all and pasted them. so.. couldn't exactly fuck that up now huh?

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