I guess I fucked up

  • by clojita
  • posted Nov 21, 2005

I really like this on red, so I'm glad they took my idea to print it red, but everyone else is hating on it. Oh well.

Watch this
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i just don't like it regardless of colour. the title is 70% of the design.


I think it looks great on red. :)


I like your Butter Brand stuff from the small pics I can see there. The logo is pretty sweet too.


i saw it last night and thought it was hilarious. I'll enjoy wearing it too :).

Thanks! :)


im buying the red
i should have bought it earlier in green
i love it
but i think that red wasnt the best color to choose.
but i like it anyway.

funkie fresh
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i bought in on red...i gave in...it just kept telling me to...it looks great on red!

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the fact that it had been done before has been brought up many times in the past, how about the fact that the original one sucked execution wise and clojita revision was a lot cleaner. I see a lot of things that I would love to redo or collaborate with people on but eh.... why did the threadless crew choose to print it anyway, they were obviously aware of the original considering it was submitted to them?

poor clojita will never be able to get away from that.

I preferred it on green... why not just reprint it on green.


both COLOURS are great. What's up with these color nazis. shit red , green who the fuck cares, it coulda been yellow and still look good. Anyway thanks again for the concept, i got the red one for someone i hope they make it in green again i'd like one too.


oh, and one more thing for all those banana shirt haters: The reason you're so uptight and hate the banana concept is because subconsciously it reminds you of a bulging penis, especially if you're of the male species I can see why it upsets you if you're lacking in the bulg department. i'm just sayin


who's fault is that

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

well it would have been threadless' but, as I have stated before, clojita's submission was far better than the original, a lot cleaner and presentable. Whether or not he stole the idea will plague the blog and be debated for centuries to come hahahah


Hah! I concur

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