• by toona
  • posted May 30, 2006

yor nipples are not convincing.

Watch this
bananaphone profile pic Alumni

let me guess, you've never seen a woman topless...

mini dukes III

No, no, no, and they look like eyeballs. Zero.


This is probably about to get a string of violent and aggressive comments.

Lets watch!


do people not understand that pretty much everyone on here hates disgustingly tasteless shirts?


um...please do not print this. ew and weird.


are you kidding me?

my lord..

if i saw anyone wearing this i would have to kill people.

and plus, that is a hideous shade of pink. /:


Yu know...I thought this was a really cool shirt, I think to please everyone else, make the colors more subtle.

mighty moody mut

not on my chest but the graphic is still a 5!!!!!


enough with nipples already people.
i think everyones pretty sick of it all, too.


this shirt sux


Seems more like "Busted Tees" or "Tshirthell" kind of flavor.

Not for threadless.


nipples?...I thought they were cupcakes!


actually they do sell controller like this.. one with lara croft from tomb raider


At first glance I thought , "Yes! A video game design!" And then "Oh, ugh." dawned on me.

E. G.

Good thing I'm not a perv, then I might acually want to buy this.

Dude, seriously.


What were you thinking?? I've seen some pretty bad t-shirts, but yours has got to be close to the worst. I'd go display that crap somewhere else . . . like maybe your room where only you can see it and the few unfortunate people who know you. Really. Think about it.

impossiblejosh profile pic Alumni

wow people hate you for this.
i guess i'll jump on the bandwagon.

how dare you illustrate nipples, you sick pervert! you think this is funny. your sick you make me sick. Im sick.

you know, there are a lot worse shirts than this. At least its not some shitty auto traced images with an eyepatch slapped on a heart bleeding out emo!


This t-shirt is great!original and funny design!!!really...and this is only a t-shirt!!!!No pervert!!!!...many comments it's really crazy, i can't understand.....wake up Guysss...or wake up Baby....!!!!!All people hate you cuz your design it's winning original and provocative.



hmmm... i thought they were ice cream cones, and i was all, "what, that dosent seem enjoyable at all, you cant even taste the ice cream" i think the fact that the nipples are so large compared to the general overall size of the mammory organ threw me off a bit. not a bad desighn, but maybe use something besides nipples? im sure you could come up with something


yikes...such a controller should never be allowed in the hands of a button masher....it makes me wince just thinking about it

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