I am legend

I just finished reading Richard Mattheson\\'s \\'I am legend\\'. Truly loved it, here\\'s my little tribute.

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At first I read "Jam Legend"


I read it as Jam Legend too

Nick Gerrard

Ok, ok if it gets printed I PROMISE as much kerning as you can handle!

: )

so unoriginal

Did you accidentally stumble across a phrase thats remarkably similar to a band name (he is legend)? Its amazingly simple to do since any random combination of words has probably been a band name at some point in time. Or did you adapt it intentionally?


it's from a book from 1954, so probably predates this band you're talking about.


I am Legend is an amazing book. As is this shirt. But wouldn't there be an issue with the whole copyright thing? If not,I'll buy one! Regardless of how many people won't know what it means.



collage - good. typography - not so good.


he is legend is a band. i am hollywood is the title of one of their albums.


I read Jam Legend too!

Not so keen on the skull - its been done.


I'm a fan of the book, but I'm also a bigger fan of the hardcore band "I Am Legend" that were around for quite awhile and got a pretty decent following so would be hardpressed to wear/buy this shirt.

I Am Legend, by the way, pre-dates He Is Legend.

a goat with a hat

One of my all time favorite books. I would totally buy this for the literary reference alone, but you've also done a great job on the design itself. Awesome!


love it!!


Oh look....a skull.

Oh loo.....a gun.

Wow, this is original.


teechers pet, read the book and you'll know what the hell is going on. do some research before you want to look cool with constructive criticism.

the czar

I read jam legend also. Great skull.


i love the placement of the skulls

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

So GnR. Me like


sorry but that skull looks like one of slipknots band members masks.....ruins it for me, but meh didnt like it anyway...it really does look too billabong-quiksilver-insert other mainstream brand here......threadless is for submitting your own artwork for a tshirt, i really wish people would do just that, and not compile random images into a collage.


this design is awesome. i like the colour.
i would DEFINATLEY buy this.
(maybe don't hang the cross quite so low?)

Nick Gerrard

oooh Fraseebits1412, very clever. Its not a random collection of images it's based around the book,' I am legend' which is pretty clear from the other comments, it is my own artwork btw and I'd be interested in any book called Jam Legend too...sounds intriguing


yea, i saw jam legend as well.


yeah Fraseebits1412, read other comments before you post.
And read more books too.


Jam Legend


great book, great job, i'd buy it


uh. looks like a He Is Legend shirt aletered and submitted to threadless.

creative. erm.. not so really.

i like those guys. they got me in on geustlist. yay.


sorry i do ready many books, and sorry yes i didnt take the time to read earlier comments....i stand corrected....sorry but i still dont like it haah


lol, just what I thought when I saw the title and the fangs. Love this :D


Very Nice. Never read the book, but I'd buy this.


OMIGOSH MAN!!!as soon as i saw this i fell in loev. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this shirt, they need to print it soon so i can buy it, i love it!!!!!!!!

Pink Rabbit

I Am Legend = bad english


it is not bad english. you can say "i am legend." it's defining a genre. like saying "i am rock."

it's pretty cool. very pirate-esque. i dont think i'd buy it, but i like the design. 4.


Unfortunately I'm too hip to read or something because I haven't picked up the book, but the design is tight.


This Rocks! only thing i would change is actualy make it say "Jam Legend" Personaly, I think its much cooler that way. But sitll...5 and I'd buy it!


yeah its a band... hmmm that sucks


no, wait... it's he is legend


huge fan of the book, huge fan of the shirt.


Nick Gerrard

Its such a cool book, its crying out for a good film adaptation...Russell Crowe as Neville, David Fincher to direct!!!


what is a jam legend?


It's very East LA, Yes that particular text has been adapted twice for film and in 2007 Will Smith will play hte lead in a new film adaptation, underground no more. Mediocre shirt.

Nick Gerrard

I said GOOD film adaptation. I wasted good money on The Omega Man on dvd! Thats 8 quid and 2 hours of my life that could've been much better spent.

A legend in the field of jam and or jam making I suppose ; )

koi three

I haven't read the book but I like the design. Somenthing needs to be done with the text. Will people stop saying that the title is similar to he is legend and read the damn first comment saying that it is a tribute to a book. Damn Morons!!!!! They are two different titles do people know how to read.... 5.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

^ I know how to read, but I normally look at the art first cause I could care less about the titles, they shouldn't be used as a crutch, shirt designs should work on their own. End of rant...
I totally thought it said "Jam Legend" also.
REALLY love the design though. So I'll still give it a 5

Daniel San

Awesome, but make the font better.

Nick Gerrard

I doubt this'll get printed : ( BUT if it did I'd definitely iron out that Jam Legend problem

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