Chica Latigo

  • by nacxo
  • posted May 21, 2006

This is my second upload, follow the instructions to see the drawing complete.

Enjoy it!!!!

Watch this

cool, but don't like the text on the shirt.


get rid of the text.


is that linda ronstadt? ;o)


what's with the black and white checkerboard effect on the hands and leg?? Is that on purpose?


i don't think you need the text.




the text killed it. its hot though


apart from the fact that the text is kind of pointless, it also contains errors i'm sure you didn't mean to make. so definitely lose the text.


packyman, at 1:08pm on May 30, 2006
is that linda ronstadt? ;o)


in a jerry brown wetdream maybe...ha!


i like this idea, but the 'instructions' destroy it.. i think people would understand the point of the image without the text.


gimme gimme gimme $$$5


It kinda looks like the right side of her cheek is swollen or she's got a jawbreaker in her mouth or sumpthin'


I think that the TEXT is OK for the desing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I need to buy it now!.!.!.

She Says So

boaring and a little cliche.


Shouldn't it be "4. repeat the 3RD step...."?


she's hot.


I'm still waiting for the old connect the dots to be printed.


she looks kind of angry.


I bet no one hugged her as a child.


Lesson learned:

O hugs + Chick= connect-the-dot slut


ohhh this ones creative. <3


DEFINITELY lose the text.

Also, spice up and clean up the design of the girl that IS visible, and maybe make the numbers on the dots a wee bit larger so that it's that much more obvious that it's a connect-the-dots picture.


hmm. funny. that is me. and my picture. and it was not drawn by you, but by stuntkid.

you made me look fat too.

Addicted to Colour
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Wow! What the fuck! What is it with so many people ripping off artwork and submitting it to threadless . . . get some fucking ideas of your own or don't submit anything.


A) What's 3er?
B) Lose the text and I like it.


3er = tercer, or something like that? Spanish for third? (Been awhile since I've taken the class.) Fits in with the theme.


She is really intemidating, and the whip....


i wish there was a way to ban people from threadless.

go die.


wow, I almost cant see the similarities between the pic here and this shirt.

And who the hell needs directions to complete a dot-to-dot? If it's a joke, Im not getting it because Im irritated that the image is stolen.


wow, this is a blatent trace-copy of someone else's art, dude.

it needs to be withdrawn.


yea man. if it were a photo of someone, thats different. but thats someone elses art. so unless you turn out to be stunt kid, and not some spanish dude, then we'll see.


I don't know why the people say that my design is take from stuntkid draw, obviusly I take the same photo that he take to do my work, i like too much his work and his drawings but anyone it's free to take photos to create a design.


Boo. Hiss. Boo.

Lame excuse. If you're going to copy something - don't submit it here. You will always AND I MEAN ALWAYS get caught.

Don't come back.


Hey Nacxo, I understand what your saying. Being an illustrator that bases his work of photography isn't easy, I realized while back that i'd need to start shooting my own photos to pursue that method. I think part of the problem is that i already did a very literal illustration based on the same photo. The common persecption is going to be that you copied the drawing and not the photo. I don't think it makes you a horrible person, but i think you'll find more success when you start shooting your own photos or seeking persmission before basing your work on photography. I say that from my own experience.

lizzel levesque

I am sorry this happened. Hopefully it's a lesson you can learn a lot from. It's also, surprisingly, not something that everyone gets, that it's not ethical, immediately. I'm sure that when I graduated highschool I wouldn't have recognized that as something not to do. Also, art school does not do a great job in teaching ethics.
I'm also sorry everyone had to dump on you so hard, but a lot of us have realized that while it doesn't feel good, it's necessary to not tolerate someone lifting your work.
Photo referencing is one thing, but you still are not supposedto 'reference' it so literally.


I would buy it if it didn't have the instructions on it.



zero for stolen artwork....

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