• by funkmunky
  • posted May 17, 2006

I always thought there may have been a deleted scene from Empire Strikes Back where the rebels get a hold of an AT-AT and shake up the Emperial troops a bit...!

A bit of a laugh to liven up an otherwise terrible and devastating galactic battle.

This is satire, which means the rules of copywrite are null and void. I know its always an issue.

Hope you like it.

Comments appreciated.


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Thats a cool idea. I'm not a big fan of star wars but i like it and the art works nice. I like it on the orange tee too


I think Threadless needs to spin off a new website selling only doggystyle designs. There's clearly a market for anything being humped from behind.


Ugh, tired of this.


Ugh, Tired of people who dont say anything constructive and still manage to be negative without really explaining why. Why bother at all?

I would be interested to know know why you are 'tired of this.' How many times have you seen this exact same image before?

Thanks for the constructive comments people. Appreciated.



What KarlGustav said!


I love this shirt. I think people need to lighten up a bit. AT-ATs fucking? that's hilarious. $5


i love this shirt.. there may be alot of humping shirts being posted but this one is diffrent.. there are no freakin animals and it has a clever play on words... gj funkymunky and may the force be with you. $5


Dude, this is the best shirt with something (animals, phones, etc.) doing it that I've seen yet!

timrb profile pic Alumni

This is just "at-at boo-boo" crossed with "afternoon delight." Yes, I definately have seen this before. Nothing new here. 2.


I'd buy it if it were executed a little diffferently (either the contrasty photo halftone thing, or that trace-y vector stuff).


i agree, im tired of these shirts,,, but this one RAWKS!!! the other ones arent creative, but AT-AT's make the shirt. 5


Why is one of them a rebelion AT-AT? thats just too far-fetched!

finding something better

KarlGustav, at 10:25am on May 22,2006

I think Threadless needs to spin off a new website selling only doggystyle designs. There's clearly a market for anything being humped from behind.

(yup huh)


funkymunky, i do agree that sometimes people are not constructive with their comments- but it always aggitates me whn people ge really defensive and surly in response especially when they are wrong- they did not say stars wars spefically they just said that this act is very prominent and in my opinion vulgar- threadless has been seeing lots of these and it is a weakness b/c people are less likely to buy similar designs over and over again and threadless (though a great forum) is consumer driven and will only print what they think people will buy- so plan your designs and time was that for constructive?


Im extremely tired of the animal humping shirts. That's why this made me laugh. I wouldn't wear it, but it's FUNNY!


not sure how i feel about the rebel and imperial logos on them but its a 5$ regardless, I REALLY hope this one gets printed


what is is with you people making my fond childhood memories have sex with one another? First the unicorns and now this...


I'm pretty sure this has all ready been done....


lol still unicorns r the best



Thank you for all the constructive comments.

The Imperial and Rebel emblemation was intentional and what's wrong with things humping each other?!!

I wasn't being surly .

I just think if peple leave a comment they should justify why they are making the comment.

Ugh! is a non-justifiable comment. I just wanna know why you would Ugh! a design. ewey6. I cant veiw your profile so I dont know what basis you have for the comments you made but I do know from her profile tha siouxsie doesn't like labels. Ugh! is a label of the most inflammatorliry negative connotation and I would like to see the reasoning behind her comment as I don't particularly like the black and white label that she has attached to my creative interpolation of a rational design idea.

What up wid dat!

Rock up style.



I'd remove the Rebel alliance and Imperial army symbols. They don't really need to be there and just make the AT-ATs a little silly



I like this a lot! I'm always up for seeing things getting some on Tees!

I'd buy it for sure!


This is great! I'd totally buy it!


omg that's awesome i love star wars!!!!!!!!


haha....Afternoon delight has absolutely nothing on this. I'm giving this a $5 just to counteract all the threadless punks who think they've seen too many of these.

Animals are oversubmitted. Humans would be just wrong. Robots would be kinda funny, but not that much of a stretch. This is the one machine that is animal like and recognizable to a hell of a lot of people. Not to mention hilarious. If you ever get this printed anywhere, please email me at I will definitely purchase it.


people need to start making some trekkie shirts


chemi hydro

I like the shirt but there really are too many humping shirts. It's played out. This shirt's borderline.


The shirt would only be funnier if you put the title on it somewhere in a faux Star Wars font.


Not a star wars fan. Not a fan of wearing humping things. We've already seen both here on threadless. Clever idea, like peanut butter and chocolate, but not for me.


the only thing i dont really like about it, and i don't know if this has come up but, I don't understand why one has the empiral logo, and the other has the rebel embelm? Interracial sex?

Sudi M.

Love it :)


i love the shirt, but i also have a beef with the logos. they dont make any sense. For one thing, the rebels dont even have AT-AT's, they are Imperial weapons.

It would be like having an X-Wing with an Imperial logo on it.

Leave the logos off.


I don't like the "AT-IT" text....and the scrollback behind the walkers is distracting and un-related. Since the shirt image doesnt seem to have either I'm happy. And yeah, get rid of the Imperial and Rebel logos.



Again, thanks for all the comments.

I mentioned at the top that I thought it would be funny if the Rebels managed to get a hold of an AT-AT and basically "give it" to the Emperial troops. That was my basic thinking behind the design.

I guess it would work without the logos, but it would seem that the AT-AT's were just getting it on, which takes away from my origininal premise for the design.

Anyway, they can be removed 'Forcibly' if necessary. I'll sub-contract an Ewok cleaning crew to sort it out.



i'm torn-- i love the star wars reference. i don't agree with having an alliance insignia on the commandeered AT-AT ... maybe just make them both Imperials and imply that this is the sort of thing they'd do? i mean, the Evil Empire could be likened to the Greek or Roman empires, where surely this sort of thing happened as well...

i like the back scrolling text and the "AT-IT". otherwise its wittiness is severely compromised without them.
also, perhaps they are "Imperial slugs" ? i kinda wanna make fun of the Empire more with your design. it's still good, though. best wishes!


i agree withthe emblem thing. i don't think i would ever wear someone humping on my shirt, but damn if this didn't make me laugh :)


OMG enough of these gay animal/robot/ whatever humping its so old


why the fuck does an AT-AT have a rebel symbol on it.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

I'm tired.

of designs such as this.

mikey0145 profile pic Alumni

this is way better than unicorns doin it, how good would this look on my shirt, F yeah



I like it, but I'm not a real fan of Star Wars. 4


I most definitely wouldn't wear a picture of things humping on my chest. It's just sort of... vulgar. Given, it is a funny and somewhat unique idea, but... there's a lot of people, I think, who wouldn't be comfortable with it on a shirt.


omg cut the hump jokes. Afternoon delight is great, just stop it now .-.

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