• by dpj.deli
  • posted May 16, 2006

how about no.

Watch this

Interesting style, I kind of like it. Definitely not on a white shirt, though.


too political/religious for threadless. threadless is totally pagan, didn't you realize that? lol


.. I see no reason for so many ridiculous comments about this.. so much for 'respectful' as the site may have alot of 'non religious' submitters.. I am sure there are those that have faith and would like a tshirt for it.


i think the concept is funny...not sure i like the crayon like style of the design though. sorry the commenters haven't been very open minded.


I like the style of the drawing, and somehow wearing an upside-down cross on my chest really appeals to me.....but....


People are really harsh for this. At the bottom, it says, "If you're going to critisize, please be constructive and respectful about it." I don't see much of that..


Kerishina, my feeling is that there are plenty of websites on the internet for people to buy faith-oriented shirts. Threadless is a forum for artistic ideas, not spiritual ones. Aside from the placement, the design itself is not that original. Neither is it particularly interesting in its color usage.


i like the style but i wouldn't wear a shirt that has anything to do with religion and i don't really question my faith. 3?


this design made me LOL.


Not looking to add to the holy war, but I did want to point out to the Koala Motchi that art can be a very valid extension of a person's faith. Thus Threadless as a site for artistic ideas also lends itself to a place where spirituality can be explored. Additionally, those sites (where you can buy spiritual shirts) you speak of often have an agenda, and thus restrict a genuine artistic expression (like faith questioning).
As for this shirt... it rocks. Period. though think I'd prefer something other than a white shirt as was mentioned previously. Big ups.


bah... not interested.


Reminds me of the old MS "Screen Beans" clipart.


This shirt is too open to interpretation to really be something I would want to buy. Does it mean that someone should question being Christian? Or is this the shadow of the figure with the question mark hanging over his head, and he's wondering why there's a giant cross behind him? Or does it mean he's getting crucified in his near future?

Although the placement is interesting, and the question mark's dot providing the head adds a nice touch, I don't find the design appealing, much on the grounds that it's not a particularly interesting design. I don't like the black crayon/charcoal markings around the illustration.

The white portion of the design could be a pirate, wallaby or a seagull instead of a cross, and I still would be pretty "meh" about it. It's a nice doodle, but not my style.


frankly it's not bad, I sorta dig the style.

but it just reminds me too much of the "omen" posters (remake and original).


If i would wear this tee, people would ask me if I'm a christ..and i hate i hate this too...

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