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Pittsburgh? I like the shirt, but who picked these cities as the best?


I don't know how this would mess up the symmetry of the t-shirt - but I would maybe lose a few cities so the ones that remain can be a little larger. I can barely make out features like the Sydney Opera House.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i dont know if this is constructive at all so i apologize first off... but this seems like a tshirt you would find at a giftshop of like the history of the world or sumthin, i know that doesnt make all that much sense but what im saying is, it seems very generic and filtered


Yay, my city's on here! Although I personally feel that the shirt is a bit overly bland...

Salsa Shark


Also San Francisco.


im happy for the fact that u didnt miss out aseana..esp KUALA LUMPUR...thats kewl man!


You should have swapped Pittsburgh for Detroit, come to think of it.


Pittsburgh...hahahahahaha you rock.


No Albequerque, Boise, or Helena?


dallas would've made a cool skyline.


i agree with Ellsswhere... it seems kind of generic


I like wundoroo's suggestion to drop some
cities so the remaining ones can be shown
with more detail.

I think a 3 x 3 grid of the top 9 cities would
work pretty well.

All the dull grey is working against
this design. The cities with the dark
grey pop off the shirt more - like NYC
and Seattle.


The only thing I don't like about it, is in Toronto, it looks like the CN tower is small compared to the buildings in the other citys.


NO LA? Our downtown has a lovely distinct profile. Hello, the aliens blew up the US Bank building in Independence Day! How quickly we forget.


nashville- with the batman bldg-


wheres minneapolis?


haha the pittsburgh cracks me up


I agree with MarineF

I live in toronto and it's fucking SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much taller then the buildings.

Don't know how I feel about the shirt as a whole though..


where's minneapolis? st.paul? fargo?


E-Dawg, at 4:26pm on May 18, 2006
where's minneapolis? st.paul? fargo?

Hahaha, oh man. Midwesterner much?


where is mexico city the second populated city in the world!!


i rally like this $5

sigh the nyc skyline is so boring now....


oh roch- mexico city is dirty- that is why everyone is heading for the border.


PSh, where's st. louis?!
haha.. just kidding.
chicago i close enough. i like this a lot though.


pft, no nanaimo??

Joan Burroughs

SEATTLE!!! WooHoo, we made the cut. What's up 206!?!!!

Seriously though, I like that it's not just the usual cities that people would think of. Kuala Lumpur, Shenzen, Pittsburgh. This is cool.


i like the idea... but why didn't you put Los Angeles?! It's a famous city. =[ but i give it a 5 anyways.


sweet autotrace... zero


It's missing St. Louis.


boston is wicked pretty


nice idea. but if i were wearing this and having people complaining or fake-complaining on why their city isnt on the shirt would get pretty old. :(

really do like the idea though.


I like the idea, but i think the cities should be to scale with one another. The sears tower for instance, should be taller than everything in the NYC skyline.


"Salsa Shark, at 11:55am on May 18, 2006


Also San Francisco. "

I was thinking San Fransisco!

I also agree with the other comments about how the city skylines are too small.


I love Chicago.

But even if Chicago wasn't on there I wouldn't complain about it. :-/

I wouldn't buy this because it bothers me that there are so many American cities when there are many more large cities-- famous cities like Paris and London-- throughout the world.


pittsburgh is a great city, ill give this a 5 just for that


"I wouldn't buy this because it bothers me that there are so many American cities when there are many more large cities-- famous cities like Paris and London-- throughout the world. "

huh? there are only 4 American cities out of 15
5 if you count Toronto (to include North America)


that should read: (to include ALL of North America)


"one of these things is not like the others
one of these things just doesn't belong"

Yeah, there is a bit too much of an America-centricity to the shirt. I mean Pitsburgh and Seattle instead of Paris and London?

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