This Means Nothing! No Everything!

he reminds me of a guy on a bike in one of those GI JOE cartoon spoofs.

I just wanna ride on my MOTORCYCLEEEE

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Reminds me of David Hasselhoff.

Who is only slightly more tolerable than the unabomber...

staffell profile pic Alumni

sweeet 5!

mahalov profile pic Alumni

"he reminds me of a guy on a bike in one of those GI JOE cartoon spoofs.

I just wanna ride on my MOTORCYCLEEEE"
gi joe voice-overs are the best

this design is pretty random, buti like it


Everyone recognizes this as the police sketch of the unibomber before they caught Ted Kazinsky right? I'm not losing my mind? Good art, random connection, not sure if I'd put it on a shirt

tommy c.

This is very rad!
I love the text!

Salsa Shark

I would love a shirt with the unibomber on it. $5


i thought it was bernie from weekend at bernie's.


Hm. Ode to the Unabomber? Is posting this on the internet the definition of irony or what?

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

i understand its irony, but its more of a practice in psuedo-surrealism than anythying. it'd be more ironic if he was vomiting computers and dvd players and calculators, and the nintendo wii-coming this november.


hm - i dunno man

i think if you're going to go for either irony about the unabomber or pseudo- surrealism, you really need to push it a lot farther

it just doesn't go far enough to really do it for me

OlliRudi profile pic Alumni



Yep...unabomber...I was just talking about him...hmmm.


oh god please please print this 5$$$$$$$$$

Ava Adore

hmm where are those lyrics from?, i cant remember


i remember on law and order this dood drew pictures.

he drew one that looked like this and in the reflection of his glasses was like him hanging himself.

it was weird.


weird like weird al


yeah. i saw this picture on a politics test, once.

mikemills profile pic Alumni

Brilliant. $5



bananaphone, it does. haha


It's the unabomber! Or wierd Al!


excellent excellent shit. the world needs more of this.


Is that a quote of his?

jamie b

isnt that a simpsons quote? oh wait, that's "dont cry for me, i'm already dead"


the only thing is that the way that the lettering goes down the hood, by the time you get to "dead" it's curving around so much that it looks like "daed"

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

the quote is a charles manson quote. don't think too hard about how they're related.

timrb profile pic Alumni

interesting design.
but I sure as hell wouldn't walk around with Ted Kazcinsky on my chest.

Cøpenhagen Bluė

i'm cringing a little (ok, a lot) in my seat as i say this, but this reminds me of napoleon dynamite. and i cringe even more, but i think i like it.


it is interesting, but we've already had too many nonsensical designs here.. i dunno.


i dont know why but i am entirely entranced by this design. its really well drawn and i cant stop looking at it even though the subject matter isnt my favorite

stickymike profile pic Alumni

this looks great man

Jesse Mack
Jesse Mack profile pic Alumni

bloody awesome. would look great on natural. $$$5.


yeah print this something new in the threadless stable other than cartoons and silouhettes!!! cha ching $5

twniehaus profile pic Alumni

yourbrains, jump off your high horse, I know all about the unabomber. You're only 22 yourself, but I guess youre at that age where you think you have everything figured out and everyone is a moron, besides you and your collegant elitist artschool friends. Does my design endorse the unabomber? No it doesn't. But unlike you, I try to go in a different direction besides drawing robots.

Sometimes, if even on accident, art ends up controversial.
This isn't even one of those times. Next time you get to an art museum, cover your eyes and run really fast.


It reminds me of Jason sho Green and Norm McDonald.
so of course, I love it.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

alright well im glad i got in on the tail end of that insult... way to go, argue on the internet, cummon iheart, wheres your heart. Anyways beside making lame puns ill also add that this looks too napoleon dynamite esque style for me, i dont know, im just not into that indie ironic style, to date there is one man who can pull it off imo and he makes some amazing movies... rushmore being one of them, but im sure there are many who will like this, so good luck

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